Obama Legacy? Foreign Policy!

Three of the four people that have spent time in the Department of Defense as the Secretary have come out against Barack Obama and his policies. The only one that hasn’t is Ash Carter, and the only reason he hasn’t is because he currently occupies that chair, and I assume wants to keep the job for at the next nine months.

But the three men that had served Obama as his Secretary of Defense have all come out and said the guy was arrogant and ignorant when it came to matters of foreign affairs, and especially matters that involved the military. That’s three out of three…and one of them was Democrat. In fact, he was a highly respected Democrat. So it can’t be a partisan thing. Not when Leon Panetta, the second of four Defense Secretaries under Obama was the most scathing of the three.

In fact, Panetta and Robert Gates, a carry-over from the Bush administration, both agreed with assertions that I have made here that Obama’s micromanaging in defense issues was akin to Lyndon Johnson’s micromanaging the Vietnam War. These are THEIR comments, not mine. In fact, Panetta said it drove him crazy and kept him up nights. Hmm…maybe there IS something to this desert air!

The undisputable fact here is that Obama’s legacy is going to include his penchant for being a yellow-belly. It’s undeniable that he’s a pacifist, and I’m not against that at all. But every single president since before FDR has had to face a military decision of some kind or another…even when we were at peace! If you don’t have the stomach for war, you don’t belong in the White House, as Obama has found out. And his legacy will include failures throughout the Middle East in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and yes, thanks to Hillary Clinton, Libya as well as Egypt. The “lead from behind” strategy opened a door to other wannabe superpowers to step in where we had created a vacuum and fill the void. That was something Clinton and Obama failed to realize. They thought the US could just sit on the sidelines, allowing the people in the region to take care of their own problems, and the world would be all nicey-nice. That was never going to happen. It’s that naiveté that has cost the United States its world-wide power, and Obama a chance at actually doing something worthwhile as president (besides playing golf and going on multi-million dollar vacations at taxpayer expense).

As the Secretaries of Defense have pointed out, foreign policy and military strategy have been devoid over the past seven years primarily because we have a president that thought he could run the military and the foreign services better than the people that were life-long professionals at it. How wrong he was!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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  1. Leon Panetta, a third politician from California and Robert Gates, the successor to “Snowflake Donald Rumsfeld.” Obviously these ego maniacs missed the point of the president being commander in chief, which means for the intellectually challenged out there, he’s the boss.

    Had you done some sort of research on this subject, holding over Gates might have been a warm fuzzy move on Obama’s part but Gates had his head so far up the ass of the military that a new four legged animal was created. Read Bob Woodward’s book Obama At War (Woodward is now a mushy right wing namby pamby now). It seems when Obama decided to do a surge in Afghanistan, the military, meaning Gates pushed for 30,00 troops and after Obama agreed, he comes back and wants 50,000. Obama refused and Gates went ballistic.

    For the ill informed out there, this is how the generals jerked Johnson around on Viet Nam. Sorry Desert, I was there the first time while you were playing with your G I Joe action figure. Just give us another 50,000 and we can win this, just give us another 100,000 and we can win this. Golly gee we really need 250,000 more and it will really be over. Johnson didn’t micromanage, McNamara did with flow charts and other crap like he was running Ford Motor Company, which he did prior to becoming Defense Secretary. Check out what McNamara did during WWII and see if there is a thread here.

    While the right wing froths at the mouth at him being a “yellow belly” as you put it, who whacked Bin Laden, who personally ordered, yes the president has to personally approve these, drone strikes who have killed our enemies without the use of the Republicans boots on the ground? You think of the Syrian dust up and the chemical weapons thing, fine, let’s look at that. So Assad uses chemical weapons and we are suppose to do what? Talk to John McCain and we bomb them. This shows why McCain graduated third from the bottom of his Naval Academy class. So we bomb them as now we have poison gas everywhere. Gee, I wish I had thought of that solution. Libya, remember when this took place, back in 2011 with the Arab Spring, which by the way started in neighboring Tunisia? Tunisia after overthrowing their dictator actually installed a reasonable democracy. Egypt, Mubarak was a thug and with the recent Panama Papers, a scum bag corrupt money grubbing thug. He is out and Egypt holds democratic elections. Sure the Muslim Brotherhood is elected, but far from being the Billo the Clown’s favorite bogeyman, the reason that they failed wasn’t ideology (although that was a small part), it was that the Brotherhood was made up of academics, mainly engineers who knew nothing of governing, like keeping the lights on or having the garbage picked up, sort of Freedom Caucus.

    As for the local countries not participating in the Middle East, fuck them, let them supply the troops and everything associated with it. We should not be the world’s policeman as we cannot afford it, if the Republicans are serious about our debt. The reason is because we are talking about more unfunded forever wars, not to mention the Repubs favorite drum circle chant, tax cuts, tax cuts, tax cuts.

    • Once again, you’ve provided so much fodder for the chicken coop, it’s hard to believe. You’ve got three guys that served as Secretary of Defense that all agree that Obama, though commander-in-chief isn’t fit to be, and you STILL find something wrong with that? These guys have more knowledge in their little toe toenail than Obama’s got in his brain when it comes to the military.

      And if you’re calling Woodward a right-winger, you probably also think Bernie is a little too far right for you, correct? Oh…by the way…don’t EVER criticize my research when this rant clearly shows you do absolutely none, except for quoting books that did squat in sales and never influenced anybody.

      And I’m getting tired of you saying that LBJ never micromanaged Vietnam. Had he turned it over to Robert McNamera in the first place, he could have actually WON that war. But he DID (as was evidenced by quotes from these three Sec’s of Defense) micromanage! Get with it. LBJ was the reason we lost that war!!!

      As for Syria…and the Middle East, you may be a scholar of ancient European history…you need to brush up on current events. Nuff said.

  2. Well Desert, as I think back on my life and things I have learned, two stand out. The first is a quote by the late mayor of Chicaga, Richard the First who said “the experts, what the hell do they know?” The second is how does a history major make it in the insurance industry surrounded by business and finance majors?

    What applied to myself also applies to Obama. Just because they are “experts” does not mean they know everything and what is more, they have tunnel vision. I succeeded because I had no preconceived notions as how to look at a problem, or in insurance terms, a risk. I brought a unique perspective because I did not see a risk as my compatriots did, obviously the benefit of a classical education. While upper management thought certain ideas would be profitable, I saw danger in horrendous losses. I was proved correct on this. Conversely, while I thought I saw a profitable line of business and went against the conventional thinking, I loss money on it, something I vowed I would never do again. While Obama has had some foreign policy misses, Afghanistan for one, he has had successes, not getting ass deep in Syria with the proverbial boots on the ground to overthrow Assad because he saw who would replace Assad and another Iraq. His ISIS strategy has been relatively successful as airstrikes and drone strikes have allowed Kurds and Iraqis to reclaim land lost to ISIS. This is a war of attrition.

    As for Woodward’s book, who cares if was not a booming seller, it is based on interviews and that my friend is what we call in history, original sources. As for influencing anybody, that would be presidents and policy makers that follow Obama.

    As for McNamara, Johnson would bring in McNamara with his flow charts and stuff and discuss options. As for winning Viet Nam, we could never win because it was essentially a civil war and all the South Viet Nam governments were corrupt and incapable of defending their own country. The most committed wins. LBJ didn’t lose the war, South Viet Nam did. Can’t wait for Caro’s last book on LBJ.

    As for my knowledge of the Middle East, I will go up against anybody any day of the week in a discussion. While my current passion is Medieval history (something that intrigued me in college), my scholarship was in trans Mississippi West and contemporary American history. I have a lot of interests and as you are aware, I read a lot.

    Nuff said.

    P.S. Early prediction for November, Republicans lose presidency as history is not on their side. Research it and get back to me.

    • While I would agree that it worked out well for you in the insurance industry, I’d have to say it’s been a total abortion and blunder in the White House…which probably goes to say that insurance and politics are two different animals. As for the “historical” prediction you’ve mentioned, actually history IS on their side. There has been exactly one president elected on the Dem’s side AFTER a two-term Democrat predecessor…since WWII. That was Harry Truman. The pendulum swings both ways…and equally, I’m afraid!

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