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Just some random thoughts this morning as the clouds continue to roll in over the desert southwest:

Paul Ryan has been named several times as a potential presidential candidate should it get that far in July. Basically, people are surrounding Ryan as the “Joe Biden of the right” that would swoop in and save the party if Donald Trump can’t win enough delegates to get a first ballot victory, and Ted Cruz can’t do the same for a second ballot victory. Actually, I don’t think this is right. I mean, it’s in the rules he can do it, but frankly, I’m really starting to think that the guys that have been out on the campaign trail, shaking hands and kissing babies should be the ones considered for the nomination. More and more I’m thinking that just because you have used back-door techniques to get the party bosses in your corner, it’s not a very smart move for the party to be nominating someone like Ryan. Don’t get me wrong. I like Paul Ryan. In a lot of ways, I like him better than anyone running for the presidency. But he hasn’t paid his dues on the campaign trail, and I think it’s wrong for him to swoop in and claim the nomination at the last minute.

Let’s take a look at Ted Cruz for a second, shall we? Did he ever, in his wildest dreams, imagine that those comments about New York Values would come back to quite possibly be the death of his campaign? In case you missed it, Cruz was basically criticizing the folks in New York City for their uber-left wing values when he’d visit places like Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina. I’m sure when he said it, he had no idea it would come down to him and Donald Trump…and he’d be needing to show the people of New York that he really does care about them and needs their vote. Put it this way. If Trump gets over 50% in the New York primary, and he’s close, he takes all 95 delegates. That’s a haul, my friends. I frankly don’t think that Ted Cruz can afford to allow Trump to get those 95 delegates. He is currently needing like 96% of the remaining delegates to reach the magic 1,237 number. I know he’s not going to get there, but he’s very quickly becoming a John Kasich…no hope of winning…just hanging around so Trump doesn’t get it.

Let’s talk Hillary for a minute. She’s running scared. She knows damn well she’s got a great big lead in New York, and if allows Sanders to close the gap at all on her there, because it’s a proportional state for the Dems, then it could very well be lights out the rest of the way. If you can’t crush your opposition in your home state, and this goes for Trump as well, you have no business running for the presidency! Ted Cruz won Texas. John Kasich won Ohio. Bernie Sanders won Vermont. All won by a pretty good sized margin. Rubio lost Florida, and what happened to him? He’s toast. Hillary is worried…and she should be. And that doesn’t even take into account the FBI investigation, which she continues to contend isn’t worth talking about.

Finally, a word about Sanders. He’s got some problems, and Hillary is trying to make the point that his policies are pipe dreams. They are. They’d never work in a country like the US. But he’s also starting to take the gloves off, making the case that Hillary isn’t qualified to be president. I agree with the statement, but not the logic behind it. He says she’s not qualified because of the money she gets from Wall Street, and the fact that she voted for the Iraq War. I don’t think she’s qualified because a) she’s a liar; b) she’s never successfully run anything in her life; and c) she really has no political experience what-so-ever.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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