Hillary’s Dream World…

So Hillary Clinton did an interview with my old college buddy, Matt Lauer on the Today show yesterday. Actually, the interview was taped earlier in the week, but aired yesterday. In it, Hillary proved beyond any reasonable doubt that she’s living in a fantasy world, and really isn’t in touch with reality.

Lauer asked her whether or not the Republicans were going to see her in handcuffs over the whole email scandal incident. Hillary stuck to her extremely tired and often lampooned script that she was convinced the FBI is just doing a “security review”, and that there is no way she’d ever be in handcuffs because she hasn’t done anything wrong. In her words,as reported in Politico: “I think — it’s a security review. It’s a security review, and there are lots of those that are conducted in our government all the time, and you don’t hear about most of them. You’ll hear about this one because it does involve me, so that’s why it gets so much attention.”

Of course, she left herself some “Clinton wiggle room”. She prefaced her comment with “I think”. So she wasn’t definitive about this. Now, the question I have to the judge and jury in this whole mess is, if the FBI says they don’t conduct “security reviews” and they are only involved in criminal investigations, and the Department of Justice doesn’t put their best and brightest attorneys on “security review” cases, and the whole world that has been following this mess since March 10, 2015 understands and knows that, why does Hillary continue to beat this tired drum? Is there anybody out there that believes her over the FBI and why would they? Hasn’t she lied to the American people countless times? And doesn’t she continue to lie to the American people every time she calls this whole investigation a “security review”?

My personal view is that Hillary Clinton is showing her delusional side. She’s either in a tremendous case of denial that she and her husband could actually get caught doing something illegal that could lead to a trial and actual jail time, or she’s just out there trying to fool the American public (who aren’t buying it), that she is the victim in all of this. I mean, the victim thing worked real well during the Lewinsky stuff of the 1990’s. But I don’t think it’s coming close to working here. Most people…most DEMOCRATS have a negative view of her. In fact, most people in this country wished someone else would run from the Dems’ side. The youth of America…the people under 55…men…and now, starting to be women…are all starting to see that Hillary Clinton is leading them down a path that is nothing more than a rabbit hole. And I don’t think its Wonderland on the other side.

Yes Hillary…I DO think you’d look cute in handcuffs!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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  2. I think that we have yet to see anyone at the top of the pyramid ever receive as much as a parking ticket. I think they are insulated from their own laws due to a combination of bribery, blackmail and favor bartering. I think above a certain level in government everyone is corrupted, bought or black mailed – and those few that are not would be reassigned, demoted, forced out, shamed into submission or silenced one way or another at the first sign of breaking rank.

    I don’t think she is delusional or in denial, I think she knows exactly what is going on – she is untouchable, as are most of the individuals at her level on the pyramid. She knows it. Everyone around her knows it. But the show must go on and the theater of pretending to do something must continue until Americans get tired of it, get apathetic to it, or just simply turn away in disgust, do nothing about it, and trudge forward from the distraction of some other shiny quarter.

    • Well, I won’t deny that those in power seem to be protected from their wrongdoings, but I DO think Hillary is delusional if she feels that there’s no way she can be found guilty of anything. That just proves that there is a real reason to oust the whole lot, blow it up and start over…throwing all of the current folks in jail!

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