Ever Wondered Why?

During my first year on the current Board of Directors I sit on, a wise gentleman that sits next to me gave me some “unsolicited advice” after a meeting. He said, “Your first question should always be ‘Why?’” And since that time, every time I look at something, I DO ask the question “why?” It does give new perspective to things.

So it’s with that in mind that I ask the question, why would the media be trying to trash Trump? What’s the real reason behind it? Now, I’m aware, as 99% of those of us that are actually literate are that the media is overwhelmingly biased to the left. So, we can assume one of two things seems to be going on. And they are juxtaposed to each other. The first is the left in the media world are afraid that if Trump becomes the nominee, that he would actually beat Hillary (or Bernie) in a general election. The second is that they know Trump could never beat Hillary (or Bernie) in a general election and they are just warning us of it.

So, let’s explore…shall we? Let’s blow up the second argument first. Why would The Boston Globe print a headline stating that “Deportations Are To Begin” and tie it to Trump’s plank on immigration? Do they know that Trump would be bad for America and therefore they are warning us to not vote for him? If they are left wing, as they typically are (and in Boston there is only degrees of left wing), you would think that such a stand would be foolhardy. Why, if Trump would get his ass kicked by a Democrat, would a newspaper like The Globe actually print such a thing? You’d think they would want the weakest Republican candidate out there to run against Hillary, who has her hands full with a washed up, 74 year old geezer from a small state that doesn’t actually have any electoral votes (OK…they’ve got a whopping 3). Does it make sense to promote a candidate that would be stronger over a weaker one if you didn’t want that party to win?

So, we have to believe that the left is actually afraid that Donald Trump is going to do something. They have to be somewhat scared that he is going to do to the Democrats exactly what he’s done to the Republicans, which is mow down the field, and remain on top. Now, I’m not saying that Trump is the answer to all of our problems, not at all. But I know if I were running a paper, and say, didn’t want Hillary to get the nod, the last thing I’d do would run a spoof piece on her saying that starting next year, there’s going to be free college education for all, and that all student loans will be forgiven. I actually wouldn’t give her the time of day in my paper, and when asked would say, “She’s not newsworthy.”

But that’s not happening here. The left is screaming mad at him. They’re afraid. And if he’s so damaged… if he’s so bad… if Hillary can’t wait to sink her teeth into him and rip him to shreds, why on earth is everyone on the left so upset. You’d think if the GOP nominated Trump that the left would be throwing parades for the guy because he’d be so easy to beat. No, they’re afraid. They’re very, very afraid.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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