Here’s Why Hillary WON’T Be Indicted…

Barack Obama was on Chris Wallace’s Fox News Sunday show today. He gave Fox News the first interview they’ve had with him in two years. And during that interview, Obama praised Hillary Clinton saying that she never put the country in jeopardy with any of her emails that were on her private server, and that she was a (choking as I type this) “outstanding Secretary of State”.

OK…whew! Needed to clear the tears from my eyes after laughing so much on that one. I think Bobo has a great career when he gets out of office as a stand-up comedian! Anyway, this is a very telling interview, and it gives a lot of insight as to what’s coming down the road with the Obama administration’s decision as to whether or not indict Hillary Clinton or send her to a Grand Jury. None of that is going to happen. That’s why Hillary was so adamant the other day that she will never be seen doing a perp walk in handcuffs. Obama is not going to have Loretta Lynch do anything with what the FBI is finding.

And by the way…as I have said on several occasions, I have a very good friend who is an FBI agent and is actually working on this case. Let’s just say that the evidence the FBI has on Hillary would be oh, maybe two hundred times more damaging than that of David Petraeus. Let’s just say, that if anyone were not playing politics here, but actually interested in justice, Hillary probably wouldn’t be in handcuffs, but WOULD be doing a perp walk, and WOULD be in front of a Grand Jury. The evidence is overwhelming and damning.

So, where does all of this leave us? Well, I’ve said for months that I doubted Lynch would move to indict Hillary. I’ve really never thought the Democrats would eat one of their own, especially one that is trying to become (and probably will become) their nominee for president. They do a much better job of circling the wagons than the GOP ever has done. And they’re going to do it again. Hillary will NOT be indicted or sent to a Grand Jury for anything on the email scandal. And that leads to a second problem she has.

While she will never have to face legal proceedings in this case, she WILL have to face the court of public opinion, who already has judged her guilty. Oh, it won’t matter with most Democrats because they’d vote for her if she shot a little old lady on that New York subway trip she took the other day. But it WILL matter with independents, and it WILL matter with Republicans, and she’s going to need some of each in order to win the presidency.

What you are going to see in November if she’s the Democrats’ nominee and if Donald Trump is the GOP nominee is a very low turnout…a very “hold your nose” election. And it would be tough to call the winner…but if she’s not indicted and the FBI has done a thorough investigation, the court of public opinion will give the nod to the GOP candidate…even if it’s me! And with that….

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


5 thoughts on “Here’s Why Hillary WON’T Be Indicted…

  1. Actually I was hoping more for an article about why Hillary won’t be elected but I agree with your post public opinion and the FBI’s investigation will likely be the nails in her coffin or bad news for republicans who honestly have done pretty much all they can to lose this election. I find it most annoying that by this date and all the underhanded dealings that there is still unity happening.Either way great post!

  2. I never did believe Lynch and the Obama admin would even consider an indictment, kind of implements Obama as well. They knew Hillary never signed the security agreement within the State Dept., or if they didn’t; ignorance is no excuse when breaking policy or laws. You have a corrupt administration from top to bottom. I’m not real confident the FBI informs the public on the evidence against Hillary. I believe there will be a gag order…….not sure agents want to risk losing their jobs over Hillary. This won’t be the first or last time documents get buried in a vault for 100 years.

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