Cruz’ “Unfair” Move?

You have to hand it to Ted Cruz. He certainly knows how to play the political game a lot better than Donald Trump does. Need an example? This past weekend, when people were being chosen to be delegates that would later be elected by the populace, Ted Cruz was in Colorado, and walked away with all 37 delegates. In fact, it was such a one-sided affair that the state GOP decided to cancel their primary. There was no need to have it after Cruz got all of the delegates.

Of course, this set off Trump on a wicked bender on Twitter. Calling Cruz just about every dirty name I think I’ve ever heard (and some I hadn’t), Trump said this wouldn’t stand, and wasn’t fair. Welcome to the world of politics, Donald! While you may be the king of “the deal”, you obviously didn’t read all of the rules that made this possible. And no one can fault Cruz for taking advantage of a system…something you say you’ve done your whole career.

What Trump needs to do is realize that what’s “fair”, and what’s “legal” aren’t necessarily the same thing. You can get away with stuff that’s actually legal to do and not be fair about it. It happens all the time, and I can bet Donald Trump has used some of those “legal but not fair” tactics in business. Oh, I guarantee that he has. Everyone that knows more about the situation they’re in than the person sitting across the table has done it. Either that or they’re brain dead.

No, Donald Trump is getting a very quick education into the world of politics. It ain’t all pretty, and it ain’t all cute and “fair”. Now, he can scream and kick and hold his breath until he turns blue, but hell, he KNEW Ted Cruz was in Colorado this weekend, and he didn’t do anything about it. Hell, I knew Ted Cruz was in Colorado this weekend, and if I can figure it out, so should Trump!

What actually happened is that Cruz had won 17 delegates prior to this weekend. There were four that were unbound, and Cruz persuaded them (they were Anybody But Trump delegates) to back him. That gave him 21 of the 37 going into the party’s state-wide convention over the weekend. 13 more were awarded at the state convention, and that left three that are reserved for party leaders, who have since said they’d support Cruz.

Now…here’s the rough part for Trump to swallow. He’s got to bounce back. He isn’t going to get the 1,237 that needs by July. Even if he plays dirty pool to get it. So, he’d better concentrate on winning on the second or third ballot instead. Because if he loses that and decides to go third party, he’s just going to be throwing his fortune down the drain. As anyone can tell you, when you don’t have support of a party behind you, it’s very difficult to run a national campaign and try and convince 320 million people that you’re worth voting for. In fact, it’s never happened in the modern era. And it never will.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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