So Libya WAS Hillary’s Mistake!

The common knowledge has always been that the foreign policy idea for how to deal with Libya and Ghaddafi was none other than Hillary Clinton’s brainchild. She was the one that foisted that on the Obama administration, and with his less than stellar background in foreign policy, and his “0 fer” going into it, he decided to go along with her plan.

Now, fast forward to Sunday’s interview with Chris Wallace, where Obama admitted that Libya was probably (probably?) his biggest mistake since taking over the White House. Well, I may question the ranking a bit (there certainly have been a lot more blunders that effected a lot more people), but let’s play along with Obama on this one, shall we?

It’s nice to see he’s actually grown a pair between his legs and is being a man for once. He’s taken responsibility for something. I think this is the first time I can recall him actually doing that. He’s been asked that question before, and this is the first time since he stormed the White House that he’s said he’s done anything wrong. That’s interesting, since it really wasn’t his play. But he was man enough to realize that he was the top dog and had the final decision. OK, that and the fact that if he said his Secretary of State screwed up in getting us involved in Libya and the whole Benghazi mess, it probably wouldn’t bode well for her chances at winning a presidential election.

I actually was a little surprised to see the chink in the Obama armor that he’d admit a mistake in anything he’d done. There have been so many chinks, so many faulty plays, especially in the world of foreign policy. Too many instances where he relied on an outdated United Nations to tell him what to do instead of leading that “august” body; too many “lines in the sand” regarding the Arab Spring and the Middle East (we’ve gone over that ad nauseum); too many bad deals that he was afraid to walk away from (Russian Re-Set, Crimea, Iran to name a few); and too many just poor attempts at trying to get the world to love us (oh…could I give you the psychology behind those decisions!!!). Let me just say, Sigmund Freud would have a field day with this guy on his couch for an hour!

But to hear that Libya was a mistake is also a mistake. Because that is an interview, and a decision that will be replayed in campaign commercials of whomever the GOP ends up nominating all fall long. If you missed it you won’t need to go to Fox News and re-watch it, though you could. It’ll be coming to a political ad near you very soon. Trust me!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!