New York State Of Mind

With apologies to Billy Joel, the Democrats are feuding in New York, and though it won’t be a “winner take all” state like it looks like it could be for Donald Trump (the GOP winner gets all of the delegates if they get over 50% of the vote), Hillary Clinton is finding it tough sledding, and is bringing out the big guns…she’s starting to turn mean.

I guess I have to ask the question, “What happened to Hillary’s coronation campaign?” Why in the world has this presumptive nominee all of a sudden found herself in the midst of a possible losing effort in her home state? Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t think Hillary is going to lose New York. She’s up by 14 points in the latest poll, though that’s down a bit from her high. The pundits are all saying that Hillary is pretty well washed up if she doesn’t win by at least double digits. And the claws are coming out.

Hillary and Bernie had been in a love fest early on, but that’s all subsided now. Hillary is screeching that Bernie is too liberal to be the nominee…that his programs are pipe dreams that will never happen. Bernie is saying that Hillary isn’t qualified to be president…then recanting that statement to say that she’s qualified, but she’s not made the right decisions in her “career” and that should disqualify her from being president. Actually, Bernie was right the first time around. Hillary isn’t qualified if you’re going to say that someone should have some executive experience and know how to make decisions. Or at least have a successful career at something!

And while Donald Trump continues to lead Ted “New York Values” Cruz by a whopping margin, and John “Hey, I’m beating Cruz!” Kasich by almost as much, the Clinton/Sanders race is tightening and could prove to be something of a crystal ball of things to come.

If Hillary can’t put Sanders away like he did her in Vermont (granted…it’s a LOT bigger state), then she could find the eight in a row winning streak of Sanders may be snapped, but not the momentum. And Bernie isn’t worried about New York anyway. He just wants to stay close in delegate count there. When they start going to places like Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and California…places with a lot of rich delegate counts, he needs to do VERY well, or it’s going to be all over. And if he starts to peel off some super delegates, the race could take a decidedly nasty turn for the Arkansas Princess.

It’s going to be an interesting spring for the Democrats as well as the Republicans. While the GOP is almost certainly heading for a contested convention, and a possible Ted Cruz nomination on the second ballot, the Democrats are going to have to worry about Bernie Sanders all the way through. And that could be enough to make Hillary need to dye her hair more than once per week!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


8 thoughts on “New York State Of Mind

  1. Hey guess who just got connected (supposedly, a pretty good source) with the Panama Papers? April 9, in one of my post, I didn’t predict the name would be implemented……….but I did say “The Clinton’s popped in my head.” Bingo!

  2. Here’s hoping Bernie can keep it a little closer than the polls indicate next week! LOL Hillary can’t stop tripping on the red carpet leading to her coronation.

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