Obamacare Falling Apart

There are a total of eleven Obamacare Healthcare Exchanges left in the United States. The rest have failed, leaving billions of dollars owed to the federal government in a bungled jumble of experiments in social medicine gone awry. It appears that after this year, another eight are going to bite the dust as well, leaving only three exchanges in the entire country with a shot at viability.

To put it in layman’s terms, a healthcare exchange is an insurance company. And what has happened is that the Obama administration in its ultimate stupidity decided that these companies would be loaned billions of dollars by the federal government to be paid back out of their profits over the first several years of the Obamacare program. It sounds great on paper, there’s only one problem.

None of them made any money. In fact, most of them lost money. Enough losses to send all but eleven of them out of business within the first two years. And now, it appears even more are on the way. End result? More and more insurance companies are going to be backing out of the Obamacare mess, which sounds like a terrible thing for Obamacare, right? Well, it was planned to do that all along.

Remember the term “single-payer”? If not, just listen to what Bernie Sanders wants to do with healthcare reform if elected. Single-payer is where the government is in charge of your entire healthcare. It’s not that way now, but the original, unpublicized plan of Obamacare was to drain the insurance companies and force them out of the market. Then the federal government could come in and save the day being the only insurance game in town. That’s what’s basically happening right now. And what will end up is if you need to get individual insurance through the healthcare.gov website, you’re going to be getting it directly from the federal government. It won’t be any different than the socialized medicine in Canada or England…you know, where you’ve got to wait 32 months to get a knee replaced, or 16 months to get an appendectomy (will they last that long?).

The only fly in the ointment for Obamacare is that it’s still upside down in popularity. It’s been six years since it passed, but it has never enjoyed massive support, and continues to be the bane of the administration. More and more people chastise the long waits, the long travel times to see a doctor (what ever happened to “if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor?). And with more and more real insurance companies backing out of the program…the latest being the largest in the nation, United Healthcare who has decided to stop offering insurance to two more states next year, you are going to see a VA Hospital mentality for the entire country. And that’s when the fun starts!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!