Paul Ryan Was Right

Paul Ryan did the right thing yesterday. He told the world in no uncertain terms that he was not about to go after, or accept the nomination for president of the Republican Party this year. It’s not in the cards, it’s not going to happen, and he doesn’t want to be sidetracked with any discussion of it.

He says he’s got enough on his hands right now. And he’s right.

He’s also right with what else he said. He basically went on to say that the only people at the convention that should be allowed to get votes if the convention is indeed “contested” are the candidates that have participated in the process. That would narrow the field to 17 people. That would also narrow the field under the current rules to two people. Because the “Romney Rule” states you had to win at least eight states before you could be allowed to have delegates. John Kasich only has one state that’s voted for him so far…his own. Now, the Romney Rule may be history before we get to Cleveland, but it’s still on the books as a rule.

Let’s face it, what Paul Ryan did took some guts yesterday. Not only taking himself out of the running for president, even though the Beltway Boys all wanted him to swoop in and play white knight to the party, but also making it known, as Chairman of the Convention, what should and shouldn’t be allowed. He played it down the middle, and he played it fair. That’s all anyone can ask, and I give him kudos for doing what should have been done.

Now the big question is what will actually happen at the convention. I see one of two things going down as I sit in the desert and neither one involves my former governor, John Kasich. Either Donald Trump somehow gets to 1,237 delegates and wins the nomination outright on the first ballot, or Ted Cruz’ and his highly superior ground game goes out and steals all or most of Trumps delegates on the second ballot and takes the nomination for himself. Kasich may as well go to a Cleveland Indians ballgame that night.

And that is how it should be. The big question is what happens after that. I firmly believe that if Hillary Clinton is the Democrats nominee, she is going to be the one that is going to unite the Republicans after Cleveland. I can’t see how anyone in their right mind, with a conservative bent is going to vote for that woman. She is so divisive and so scorned by the middle and the right; there can be no way for her to pick up more than a vote or two from the right wing, and very little more from the middle. She’s a weak candidate, a pathological liar, and has baggage to take her to the moon and back. Put it this way…if Hillary Clinton wins the election this November, we deserve everything she’s going to throw at us.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


6 thoughts on “Paul Ryan Was Right

  1. Not a big fan of Paul Ryan, but surprisingly he did do the right thing. Perhaps he is developing some er…guts.. My mind is not made up on him 100% but this was a good move.
    Less clear is what happens at the convention. You stated it well it’s Trump or Cruz…period. Clinton does need to be defeated because you will see several things if she is elected: a liberal Supreme Court, just about complete loss of gun rights, knife restrictions, forced healthcare, loss of world respect, meaning potential for wars, outright violations of trade agreements, record unemployment and a huge recession if not outright depression. Is that enough to unite Republicans around whoever wins the nomination?

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