Does Tonight’s Dem Debate Mean Anything?

So Hillary Clinton, who’s adopted home state is New York (primarily because she hated me calling her the Arkansas Princess) and Bernie Sanders, who was born in Brooklyn, but obviously got out as early as he could, and has been holding court in Vermont all these years, are getting together tonight for a debate in Brooklyn. Does it actually mean anything or is it just a New York futility…kind of like the State of New York’s plea to get businesses to move there?

Actually it means a lot for both candidates. For Bernie Sanders, he has a 14 point deficit he needs to erase, and do so quickly. If he can relate to the New York voters, and get them to see that Hillary Clinton is equal to the Wicked Witch of the East minus the pointed hat, he has a chance of getting that deficit down to seven or eight points. If that happens, he basically ties her in her home state. That is a big momentum drain on Clinton and a big boost for the continued Sanders resurgence. Don’t forget, he’s won seven of the last eight contests!

For Hillary, it’s a chance to get even closer to that 2,025 that she needs to finally declare victory and secure her nomination. And she has struggled mightily to get this far. Who would have thought that a 74 year old, grey-haired guy with a strong Brooklyn accent (50 years after he left), would still have a shot against her? It’s a very important night for Hillary too.

For those of us on the sidelines, not so much. I mean, yeah, if you’re bored tonight because Scandal isn’t on, or you don’t want to watch reruns of Seinfeld, I’m sure it will do the trick, but it really doesn’t concern you unless you live in the Empire State. It will be nasty. It’s both candidates’ last chance to bare their fangs and score points before Tuesday’s primary. But even so, and even with a 14 point lead, Hillary isn’t going to get more than just a few more than Bernie…which is an incredible slap in her face as it is.

Does it mean a lot? Well, let’s put it this way. If Sanders were to pull off the upset of the year and actually win this one, it would bury the Clinton candidacy. Oh, she’d continue through the convention, no doubt, but it would take all the wind out of her sales. It would be such a punch to the gut that you’d start to see those super delegates who are promising to back Hillary until doomsday, start to peel off. This is the magic Sanders has been waiting for. And if he does well here, and I mean REALLY well here, he could just pull off the nomination…albeit through a contested convention.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!