What’s Changed?

A couple of weeks ago, the pundits on all of the networks were clamoring about how Hillary Clinton was most likely going to be facing “a referral from the FBI” to the Justice Department. The big question is they going to be able to have the guts to “do the right thing” and actually send the thing to a Grand Jury? That was a couple of weeks ago. But something ominous is in the air. Something has changed, and I’m not sure what has turned their attention away from that.

Everything I’m hearing from a friend of mine that is actually still working on the case says that they are proceeding nicely. But the pundits seem to think, only in the last couple of days, that there won’t be any referral after all. They seem to have changed their tune that all of a sudden, there is a case somewhere in history where someone somewhere went free after having mountains of evidence against them. Even Charles Krauthammer is touting that Hillary won’t be referred to the Justice Department. So what happened?

Well, my thought is that someone probably got to Comey. I find that hard to believe because he’s always been known for playing things right down the middle. And in a way, even if she isn’t referred, it’s going to be as big of a unifier of the Republican Party as anything that Donald Trump or Ted Cruz could ever muster. The hatred of this woman is tantamount to pushing the GOP electorate to come together. And the mere mention that the FBI investigation is getting tainted and justice isn’t getting done is going to unleash more vile and bitter feelings toward the Clintons. Again, they are getting away with something. That’s going to be the mantra.

The fact of the matter is, that yes, she probably is getting away with something. And you aren’t going to be able to prove to any conservative anywhere that she’s not guilty of hiding stuff in her home server, or at the very least, as guilty as General David Petraeus was storing classified documents at his house. She may escape the court of justice, but I seriously doubt at this point that Hillary Clinton is going to escape the wrath of the court of public opinion. Yes, the Republicans are fractured at this point in time, smashed into 17 little pieces. But the situation is so clear, that the bitter feelings toward Hillary Clinton will bring the party together. Hell, I could win against Hillary Clinton this year. She’s a weak candidate, with a terrible record, and a mountain of baggage. If Donald Trump can actually pull even with her using seventh grade student council election tactics, someone that actually knows something about politics should be able to bury her. I mean, the woman is having a hard time putting away Bernie Sanders.

Let’s get right to the nut here. If the GOP were to lose this year’s election, we deserve every liberal program; every socialist leaning that is coming our way. And if we sit at home this fall and don’t vote because we don’t have “the perfect” candidate on the ballot, we have no one to blame but ourselves. We haven’t learned anything from the past four years if we do that.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


5 thoughts on “What’s Changed?

  1. Its been pretty evident the primary election process is fixed. There has always been a degree of election fraud. I am not sure public opinion will matter vs Hillary and we’d be naïve to think if they fix the primary, they’ll fix the general election.

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  3. Gee Desert, like most right wingers you continually gin up a scandal that doesn’t exist against Hillary, think Whitewater, nothing there, cattlegate, nothing there, travelgate, nothing there, Benghazi, nothing there by the Congressional Republicans own report, that bank thing, nothing there and I am still waiting for when you said Hillary was a CONVICTED of perjury (Tip, never). You like dropping dimes on your ill informed readership when you know in fact what you are saying is less than honest. If you are not aware of the above, return your communication degree because you obviously didn’t learn anything except schmoozing in college.

    What you should be doing since the Republican feces fest is drawing near is spotlight the various candidates position on the issues like their idiotic tax proposals for your low information readership such as Cruz’ desire to return to the gold standard (talk about wiping out trillions in hard earned wealth) or Cruz’ desire to outlaw masturbation. It’s true, as Texas solicitor general he filed a regarding the sale of “obscene devices.” He argued that the State basically had police powers to prevent people from masturbating because there is no right to stimulate one’s genitals. Glad to see that he wants government out of our lives so we have freedom……………evidently defined by him. BTW, it took him 76 pages to say this which leads to one of my pithy sayings, lawyers briefs never are and yes, I have my source I am willing to share.

    The you have waterboarding and other forms of torture that Trump and Cruz are trying to out-Torquemada each other, bring back Monty Python and the Spanish Inquisition. Spying on Muslims, their houses of worship and the community or in other words Geheime Staat Politzei. But I guess this will not be needed if you do not let them in in the first place.

    Then we have border security. How will we know when the border is secure? Just asking as it seems very subjective. Sort of like freedom and liberty. I guess that refers to whiny Christians where everything seems to offend their deeply held religious beliefs. It’s like living in a quasi- Amish country. My advice to them is the same that was told to me in 1968, you don’t like it, leave. Truer words were never spoken.

    Then there is how many unfunded wars do they want to get us into and for how long. The debt will balloon and I cannot wait to hear how that is really not important and they will say that because…………………………………………………….

    Finally, the Kasich and Cruz town halls last night on MSNBC were a joke. Between the moderators sucking up to them, it was really stupid questions from their supporters.

    Have a positive day.

    • First of all Snark, NOTHING I say is untruthful here or anywhere. I have ALWAYS sourced my material, even though you make wild and crude accusations and never seem to back them up.And no, I’ve never said Hillary was ever convicted of perjury. There is a vast legal distinction between perjury and lying to the American public. I would think that a quasi-lawyer like yourself would have understood it.
      The only other item I could distinguish in your rant that seemed like it was cogent enough to require a response was the border thing. We will know it’s secure when we don’t have 11 million illegal aliens pouring in through non-existent borders, or video of trainloads of them riding atop freight trains. That would be a good start. Oh, and when the president, who is supposed to uphold the law, is telling border patrol agents to let illegals go free? Yeah. That would also be a sign we’re getting close to a secure border. The rest of your rant? I’m afraid you need an English lesson…and please, no Middle English.

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