Those wonderful wizards over at Gallup have come out with a new poll that I find to be astonishing. Actually, it’s astonishing because only 57% of the people surveyed said that they think they pay too much in taxes. Really??? They must be talking to the Bernie Sanders crowd, because I can’t find anyone who doesn’t feel that way.

The fact of the matter is that the IRS has long been one of the most hated groups on the planet. With the power to steal money from your bank account, take your car, your house, and your possessions right out from under you without batting an eye, they are also one of the most feared groups in the country. Now add to that the misery of scandal that they’ve been embroiled in, and the fact they’ve got a total incompetent running the place, and you’re going to find that it gets actually worse. Need proof? Well, today is tax day. Let’s do a test. Pick up the phone and call the IRS helpline. Go ahead…I’ll wait.

Oh, wait. Sorry, I’ve got a meeting in a little bit. I can’t wait that long. Basically the waits this year are worse than last year. Last year the 30% that actually called and got through to talk to a person waited an average of 37 minutes. This year is even longer than that. How much longer? No one is saying. But John Koskinen, the head of the agency blames congress for the problem because they actually cut his budget this year. Now, that IS a rarity in the world of DC politics. Usually a cut means you don’t the entire increase you were seeking. No, the IRS got its budget actually cut 10% because of the Lois Lerner debacle. So, Koskinen did what Obama did back with the government shutdown…you make the taxpayers feel it so they complain to their Senators and Representatives. Koskinen all but shut down the IRS helpline last year, and is slowing down the response rate this year, hoping that the complaints will get him back on budget par. It’s not working. Instead, Utah Representative Jacob Chavetz (R-UT), who is chairman of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee, wants to impeach Koskinen.

Look, it won’t happen. The guy has 9 months left on the job, and he’s gone. And hopefully, the next administration will be a little more in tune with what’s right and what’s legal than the current administration is. But you get the idea.

What I find fascinating is that only 57% think they pay too much in taxes. What about the other 43%? Well, I did some research. The reason that 57% isn’t higher is because there are 45% of Americans that don’t pay income taxes at all. And about 30% actually don’t pay income taxes but receive a tax refund check from the federal government. So, basically, 2% of the people that don’t pay taxes think they pay too much in taxes! That says it’s time for some sort of reform….are you listening Washington?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!