OK…So Who Won (And Does It Matter?)

Yeah, the whole debate thing is getting pretty old, isn’t it? The Democrats held their ninth. I’m starting to think that (and I don’t believe I’m going to say this!) Debbie Wasserman-Schultz was right is scheduling so few debates. After about four you either get to know the candidates as well as you need to, or you are making a drinking game out of it.

So, who won? That depends who you ask. I’ve heard from both sides that they won. Hillary stood up to her beliefs that she’s God reincarnated (that would make it the second coming, right?), and Bernie said that Hillary doesn’t have very good judgement. While both statements aren’t correct, both candidates made their cases and both walked away without any mortal wounds. I say nothing was decided in this one. If you came into the debate a fan of one of them, you probably left a fan. If you hated one of them beforehand, you probably hated them after. It’s a toss-up.

But the real question is does any of this matter? My answer is no. It doesn’t for several reasons. First of all, as long as the super delegates stick together, they give Hillary almost a “California sized” advantage over Sanders. If they start peeling away, anything is possible. Second, Hillary has more things to worry about besides debates. She isn’t a very good debater. In fact, she’s a very weak candidate. Somehow I don’t think we’ve got very strong candidates at all this time around. And I’m not the only person to say that. Democrats just don’t like Hillary. Gallup (who used to do presidential polls, but after being embarrassed to the max in 2012 has stopped!) has just released a poll showing that back in October/November, Hillary’s approval ratings AMONG DEMOCRATS was 63%. Today? 36%. That’s a drop of 27% in about 6 months. And it proves my theory that the more people see of Hillary Clinton, the less they like her. Even her own party feels that way. This is why you’re seeing the “Sanders Surge” taking place.

But of course, the big thing that’s still hanging over Hillary is the FBI Primary. If she loses that one, it’s game over, and it really isn’t going to matter what happens at the Justice Department. If the FBI comes out against her and says she did something wrong and it’s criminal, it’s going to be viewed as political if the DOJ balks at indictment. The same for Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills. If they are referred, but not indicted, the court of public opinion will convict them, and that is the death blow. And remember, you’re hearing rumblings now that there have been cases in the past like this that have swung in favor of the defendants, but the FBI doesn’t look at that; they only look at the evidence. That is the big thing here.

So what has changed? Hillary continues to lose ground with her own party. Trump continues to pick up steam on the GOP side (he’s now up 14 points according to the latest Fox News national poll…and Cruz is second, Kasich is only 2 points away from him!). If it’s Trump vs. Clinton in the fall, I think it’s going to be a blood bath, and I don’t think the Democrats are going to be happy.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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