NASA On The “Climate Change” Offensive!

Move over, Al Gore! You’ve got some competition when it comes to being the bigger waster of taxpayer money! No longer is the former Vice President at the head of the class when it comes to fighting the imaginary war on “global warming”, er….”climate change”….er whatever they’ve decided to call it this month!

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration have gotten into the act, and they aren’t fooling around this time. The one-time uber-scientific NASA has been relegated to helping Bobo Obama fight his war on weather…the most damaging thing we Americans face according to Obama! And they aren’t kidding at NASA…not when it means that they may be able to get some funding and actually send a rocket into space sometime in the next century!

In case you’ve missed it, and want to test it out, NASA is on Facebook, and they are sending out vicious messages to any “deniers” of climate change. Of course, most people don’t DENY that there is climate change because that’s what climate does by definition. I think the whole fight here is over whether man has any part in the operation…and the answer is, No silly rabbit…man can’t do one millionth what nature can do! Of course, these “scientists” that are eager for governmental funding are jumping on board the same train that a lot of scientists eager to get their grant money renewed did about a decade ago. Now that the governments are running out of grant money, most of those scientists are recanting their story, and some are even admitting that they did it solely to GET the grant money! And that is exactly what NASA is doing. So anyone that is on Facebook and posts something that says that Global Warming is a hoax, or shows the polar ice caps growing, or any other factual piece of data, gets a nasty rebuff from the guys that used to shoot rockets into space. It’s probably because they’re no longer shooting rockets into space and they’ve got a lot of free time on their hands!

Want to try it? Sure…go ahead…write something nasty about how climate change isn’t man made or isn’t because of “carbon fossil-based fuels”, and chances are you’ll get a reply from the space agency. Personally, I think the whole Facebook community should get on board and try this thing out. Let’s see how much spare time these guys really have on their hands! I mean, we’re paying them, right? They are still federal employees, and they’re still making boatloads of our money to do….um….I’m sure they’re still doing whatever it is they do when they aren’t sending space flights into orbit somewhere…possibly giving tours at Cape Canaveral? Anyway, let’s all go on Facebook, post something factual about how climate change is a natural phenomenon and that these freaks that can’t get it in their head that man isn’t that powerful are full of sawdust. Then we’ll wait and see what happens. Until then…

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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