Clinton’s Wall Street Speeches

So one of the most contentious parts of the Democrat’s campaign for the presidency right now is the release of Hillary Clinton’s speeches to the firms on Wall Street that she spoke at. The Sanders camp wants to see the transcripts of those speeches, Clinton is pushing back on them. My question is, what in the hell is the big deal?

Let’s look at this from Sanders’ point of view first. Bernie is contending that Hillary is making a couple of different pitches. One pitch to the American people on the campaign trail, and the other pitch to Wall Street in private. And the fact that she doesn’t want to disclose the speeches means that she’s two-faced and not electable. Of course, Bernie has something up his rear end when it comes to Wall Street. If given the choice, he’d probably nuke the neighborhood in lower Manhattan.

Hillary on the other hand says that those speeches were paid for, and paid well for. The information given in those speeches was designed for that reason and not intended for public consumption. Now, I’ll say this; if you’ve ever seen the stuff that Hillary demands when she gives a speech anywhere, it’s pretty all-inclusive. She gets the only copy of the speech and it’s never released to the press or anybody else. Regardless what you’re paying to listen to her, you don’t get to record it, you don’t get a copy of the speech, nothing. She comes in, she says her piece, she cashes the check, and she leaves.

So is she hiding something? I mean, we all know the Clintons, right? They are terrible when it comes to coming clean about anything. Is it possible that she’s giving one speech to Wall Street just to get their donations and their support (which is huge by the way), and then tells the folks on the campaign trail something entirely different? That seems to be the question that is being asked. My thought is simple.

If you don’t have anything to hide, what the hell difference does it make if you release the transcripts of the speech? If you do have something to hide, you’re making us feel like you do pretty easily. It’s the same thing as eight years ago with Obama’s birth certificate. Of course they obfuscated on that long enough to gin one up (or find the original if that’s your belief). The same thing here. Could Hillary, re-write the speech to show that she said nothing wrong, pass it off as “the speech” given to someone on Wall Street to shut up Bernie Sanders? Of course she could. That has already been discussed, I guarantee you! So, what’s the big deal? Release the transcript of the phony speech and get back to real issues (and no…sorry Bernie…Wall Street is NOT a real issue in this campaign. Neither is “income inequality”).

It’s amazing to me what people will argue about just so they don’t have to come up with solutions to the real problems we face in this country!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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