I got thinking the other day that all politicians are really good at just a very few things. They’re really good at not answering direct questions. They’re really good at thinking whatever idea they are floating is the best idea mankind has ever heard. And they’re really good at blaming everybody else when their idea proves not to be the best idea mankind has ever heard. Hillary Clinton may just fit the role of politician after all.

I look at what she said during her ninth debate the other night, and can’t help but laugh. She was throwing the world under the bus for things she’s done wrong. Benghazi? Not her fault…it was Obama’s because he’s the guy that gave the order (even though it was her idea). Libya? Not her fault…again, it was Obama’s fault. He took her idea and ran with it, and screwed it up. The 1994 crime bill that Bernie Sanders tried to pin on Hillary? Nope…that was the president’s fault that signed it (it happened to have been Bill Clinton that signed it). What about all of the campaign spending with the Super PAC’s? Not her fault…that was Obama. And what about the email server scandal? Well, she really hasn’t answered that one yet. At least not publicly.

Of course the email server scandal IS going to have to come to the forefront. The only way it won’t is if the James Comey “referral” to DOJ doesn’t happen, and the more I hear, the more that’s going to happen. There were some rumblings this past week that DOJ isn’t going to “find enough evidence” because of previous cases similar to this to actually indict, but that isn’t going to stop the FBI from finding enough evidence to refer Hillary. Besides, look at it from the FBI’s standpoint. They’ve taken about a year to investigate this and have used over 150 agents. What’s that say for the nation’s top law enforcement unit if after a year, 35,000 emails, over 10,000 classified documents, and 22 TOP SECRET documents, they can’t find evidence of wrong doing? It doesn’t leave them with a lot of credibility does it?

Hillary’s problem is she has no one to blame for that one but herself. She is going to have to fess up and take the blame full on. And she can’t do that because that would mean, even though she may win the Democrats’ nomination, she’d be committing political suicide. And of course, she’d brush it off as “a misunderstanding during a security review” or something like that. No, Hillary’s problem comes with the fact she doesn’t accept responsibility well. To be fair, not many politicians do. They feel they have to be perfect 100% of the time. In all cases, that’s never true, and in Hillary’s case, the mere fact she wants to be thought of as a politician instead of a failed Secretary of State, or a failed first lady, or a failed wife, or a failed lawyer, probably has a lot of psychological things we could examine. And someday we will. It would make for an interesting text book for an abnormal psych class. Hmmm….idea for book!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


4 thoughts on “It’s NOT MY FAULT!

  1. It’s like the Democrats collectively said, “Let’s get the most dysfunctional family in politics (sadly, this rules out the Kardashians) and put them in the White House so they can be in charge of all of us. Great idea!

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