Changes Coming For Obamacare

Obamacare is six years old and for the most part has been a massive failure. It’s bled money from day one; the health care “exchanges” that were to be set up in various states have almost all gone bankrupt (there are three of the 24 exchanges still operating in the black), and it’s turned more people against Obamacare than when it was first dreamed of. Overall, it scores an F.

So now the Obama administration wants to fix that. What Obamacare did try to do was insure the uninsured…by making it mandatory that everyone get insurance. What a concept! And for those that couldn’t afford insurance in the first place, they would give you federally backed stipends to help pay for it. In a lot of cases, the majority of the people going through the exchanges would find they’d pay little or nothing. And then after they got their healthcare insurance they found out that was exactly what the insurance was worth. Americans soon learned that having insurance was far different than gaining healthcare access. Large insurer after large insurer have bailed on Obamacare citing poorly administered governmental plans, broken promises, and no money for the insurance company (which is why they are in business in the first place). And those that ARE insured find themselves driving an hour and a half to find a hospital or a doctor that actually accepts their insurance…and they are never the top of the line professionals. Most doctors accepting Obamacare these days are newly minted doctors with mountains of med school debt.

Obamacare is going to switch from a “fee-based” system, whereby you go to the doctor, you pay the doctor; to a system where your doctor gets paid based on how many patients they have and how healthy they are called Comprehensive Primary Care Plus. This is going to require a doctor to spend a LOT more time with a patient, and to be able to give them a LOT more access than the 15 minutes per visit that they currently have. And while the docs will get the opportunity to get bonus money for keeping people healthy, they’ll also be seeing a lot less patients and that’s something of a problem during a physician shortage.

The new scheme isn’t something new actually. Insurance companies have tried this before with usually bad results. You can figure that if the private sector insurance world had tried this before and abandoned it; there must have been a pretty good reason why they went back to a “fee-based” system. It’s probably because someone, either the doctor or the insurance company didn’t make any money. And when someone isn’t making money, you’re going to get the same type of folks interested in taking part that you’ve got now…doctors that can’t seem to attract patients any other way than taking patients that can’t find any other medical treatment than themselves. In other words, it’s going to follow in Obamacare’s’ footsteps and be another total abortion.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!