HUGE NY Win? Not For Hillary!

Yes, there were no real upsets, no real surprises Tuesday in the New York Primary. The Empire State went with its own…Donald Trump crushing the competition to take pretty much all of the delegates (at least those that Ted Cruz couldn’t steal) on the Republican side, and Hillary Clinton winning on the Democrats’ side. But while Trump lived up to and may have even exceeded his expectations in his home state, I don’t think Hillary did.

Let’s take a quick look at how well each candidate did. Donald Trump got 60% of the overall vote, which was enough to give him all of the state’s 18 delegates. New York also gives each of its congressional districts three delegates, and in order to win all three, you have to win that district with at least 50% of the vote, otherwise the second place finisher gets one and you get two. Trump got 89 delegates that have been given so far, John Kasich picked up three and Ted Cruz was shut out. There are three more delegates yet to be awarded.

As far as the Dems go, it wasn’t the whitewash that Trump amassed. Hillary won with just over a 15% margin. That, coupled with the Democrats’ proportional awarding of the delegates gave her 139 to Sanders’ 106 with two more delegates to be awarded. Not exactly what you would call a landslide evening. But she doesn’t need to create that type of night as long as the super delegates remain under her wing. There wasn’t anything in New York that would suggest that they would flee just yet.

Sanders had left New York early Tuesday to go home to Vermont and “recharge”. He’s back on the trail today, as the five some of candidates get ready for Pennsylvania and the east coast next Tuesday.

What this did was get Trump and Clinton closer to their magic numbers. Neither are there yet, and that speaks volumes for Clinton who thought she was going to have this thing wrapped up after Super Tuesday…about six weeks ago. This shows the absolute weakness of Hillary Clinton as a candidate. Even in her home state, she was only able to muster 58% of the vote compared to Sanders’ 42%. If you can’t do better than that in your home state, what are you going to do in the general election? And before you pounce, I know that facing either Trump or Cruz is going to be a much different scenario for Hillary than facing Bernie. It’s going to be tougher because they are going to be relentless on attacking her. That is going to make this fall’s campaign an absolute joy to watch.

I’ve vacillated over the past few months as to which would be sweeter to watch; Hillary not getting the nomination, or Hillary getting it only to get crushed in the general election. I think I’d love to see her on the campaign trail a little longer. Remember, the longer she’s in the public eye, the worse her likeability numbers are. The latest numbers show her at 20% likeability among independent voters (which she’ll desperately need in order to win an election!). That’s down from 37% in January. That’s the type of numbers that just don’t get you elected president!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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