The Iceberg of Dysfunction

I have to laugh every time I see Barack Obama talking about how the nature of politics has become so vitriol…so, damned nasty. He talks down the fact that the GOP (and the Democrats) are fighting and calling each other names, and have sunk to new lows. He obviously never read American history. Our political past is filled with campaigns for the highest office in the land that would make either the Republican or Democrats’ campaign look like the Queen’s Tea Party.

He was at it again the other day, while in Saudi Arabia of all places, talking about the “iceberg of dysfunction” in American politics. I have to laugh because, and I’m sure he knows this; HE is the cause of it all.

Of course, that is the master stroke of all politicians. They have this ability to tell you that the problem is A, when they were actually the cause of it. Then they flip and blame it on something or someone else. It happens all of the time, and Bobo used it masterfully. Unfortunately, it’s another Bobo no-no, another lie.

Think back a ways if you will. Who really started this breakdown in the American political system? Who reached over the fence from the executive branch to the legislative branch and said, “If you don’t do things the way I want them done, I’m going to go ahead and do it myself”, even though he has been slapped down a total of 32 times now by the US Supreme Court (including two justices that he himself appointed) in unanimous decisions. He’s over-reached, spiked the football, done victory laps on the rare occasions he’s actually accomplished something, and taunted congress over their inability to do whatever it was he wanted done. Well, there was a very good reason why they didn’t do what he wanted done…he would have ruined the country even more than he already has. If you want to see where the “iceberg of dysfunction” starts, look at a picture of our president. That is where it started.

But that is just another political ploy. I’d love to say it belongs to the left, but the right wing folks aren’t totally without guilt on this one either. It’s a politics thing. It’s the same reason why Ted Cruz can’t say he’s sorry to the citizens of New York for their “damned New York values”, or why Hillary Clinton can’t once and for all say in no uncertain and unparsed terms that she was wrong and should be punished for her email snafu. They are afraid that if they do that they’re going to be seen as something less than human, and they can’t be seen making mistakes! God forbid they actually admit making a mistake!

Think about Obama’s answer when asked what the biggest mistake his administration has made in seven years has been. What did he reply? He hung it on Hillary. He said it was the over-throw if the Libyan government without actually thinking through who would take over once Gaddafi was out of office. And whose wonderful idea was that? Hillary Clinton’s, and no, she hasn’t admitted that mistake either. Iceberg of dysfunction or politics as usual. You decide.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!