Earth Day?

I was absolutely stunned when I read John Coleman’s piece in USA Today this morning. Here it is Earth Day, and Coleman, who was a meteorologist on ABC’s Good Morning America before founding The Weather Channel, came out against “man-made global warming”. Of course, this is going to draw the ire of Al Gore and Bobo Obama and the left, not to mention the folks at the United Nations.

What Coleman so brilliantly stated was the UN has this plan to use climate change to systematically change the way the world’s money is distributed. By taxing people in the western world and giving that money to third world folks, they are going to have their own world-wide wealth distribution system. The theory came complete with quotes from UN Climate Chief Christiana Figueres!

Coleman basically stated that the UN’s Climate Committee is comprised of a bunch of left-wing environmentalist wacko’s that are seeking to take over the monetary system of the world. They hire scientists that agree with them and their desired outcome and then produce papers to those results without really looking at the science behind it. According to Coleman, the REAL scientists gave up on this “theory” years ago and are no longer the eco-terrorists that we see today being bandied about on the nightly news.

I find this to be an absolute stunning admission. The Weather Channel is one of the largest proponents of this hoax, along with the federal government who sees it as a wealth re-distribution tool in the US as well as the world. I’ve said for years that I think this is a bunch of bunk, and to prove it all you have to do is look at “climate change” on Earth before man was here. If what these idiots are saying were true, there wouldn’t be massive swings in the Earth’s temperature. But I’m sure we’ve all heard of the Ice Age, and we’ve all heard of it warming to the point that it gave us the Great Lakes, and the Great Salt Lake in Utah. Yes, the Earth has been taking care of herself for millennia. She doesn’t need any help from us, and she’s not going to be hurt by us. That is just a fact of life.

So, I give kudos to John Coleman. I am happy to see there is somebody with some scientific background to them that actually agrees with me, and that backs up what I’ve been saying all along. Of course, people like Coleman and me have to watch it. Federal government officials are working diligently trying to figure out a way to prosecute people like us because we are telling a tale they don’t want out, even if there is no proof of what they are saying. Hmm…isn’t that kind of like how it started in 1984? We’re only 32 years late!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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