Better Weather Thru Global Warming?

Do you remember back when you were a kid? I was thinking about this after reading an article in the LA Times. Remember when you were a kid and it would snow so deep it’d be over your head? I grew up in Michigan, where we got a LOT of snow. And they never called school off for it. We somehow managed to get to school in the winter, in spite of all of the snow, because, well…that was just what happened in winter. Today, they cancel school if there is a FORECAST of snow!

My point here is we seemed to have a lot of extreme crappy weather back then. I remember a lot of tornadoes and bad thunderstorms too. I’m sure I exaggerate what I remember because I was smaller, but it’s still there. Apparently, I am not remembering it wrong. 80% of the country according to this article in the LA Times is experiencing better weather today because of “global warming”. Of course, they say it won’t last. At least that’s what the computer models say. You know those computer models, right? They are the ones that had New York and Los Angeles being about 15 feet under-water by the year 2000. They are the ones that had polar bears floating on ice floes past Jamaica (and not the New York neighborhood either). They were wrong then, they’re still wrong today. And the reason is garbage in, garbage out.

The Times article is correct in the conclusion that the weather is better today than it was 40 years ago. Most of America IS enjoying better, nicer, warmer weather. And yes, 2015 WAS the hottest year on record. But what I find strange is the fact that none of these scientists, that are supposed to be so studious and so smart, can begin to tell you why it was that the earth cooled and warmed up millions of years before we showed up, and that all of a sudden, it’s OUR fault it’s happening today. Could it be, just out of the realm of possibility that the earth is going through another phase where it’s warming? Could it be that man has absolutely nothing to do with this whole global warming and climate change crap? What do you think the odds are that IF the earth managed to go through these periods of warming and cooling, ice age and hot spells all on its own millions of years ago, that the same could be said today? Science isn’t answering that question because the politicians on the left don’t want that question asked. They want to prosecute anyone, like me, that says this whole thing could very well be just a natural occurrence, and that anything man-made causing it is all bunk.

Again, I face the wrath of the scientifically uninformed who say that I’m trying to pollute the planet, and that is all hogwash. I care about “saving the earth” for future generations as much as anyone. I just happen to be a little more common sensed about the whole thing. In fact, I don’t know anyone that would purposely want to destroy our planet, especially when we have no way to get off it, and nowhere else to go. That’s kind of stupid when you think about it.

So, when Al Gore, or Bobo Obama, or any of these eco-terrorists want to make something more out of “climate change” than it is, ask yourself, “If this is all man-made, who created the Ice Age? If this is all man-made, who stopped the Ice Age? And could it be, just a possibility that we have very little if anything to do with this ‘climate change’ and that the earth is just going through a cycle that it’s gone through for millions of years?” Just wondering…and getting no answers from the eco-terrorists!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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  1. Annually we go through all the seasons, they are cycles. The cycles repeat annually. It makes sense cycles occur every 100 years or 1,000, a million years as well on a more drastic change than the seasonal and annual changes. I’ve never bought into climate change as Al Gore preached it. He isn’t even a meteorologist. What suddenly made him an expert on climate. He did, with his mouth! His paid Hillary type speeches…..and the naive liberals bought into his BS.

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