How’s That Cuba Policy Workin’ For Ya?

One of the undoubtedly high legacy items on Barack Obama’s mantle these days is the fact that he’s getting good relations back with Cuba. Or is he? The US president was the first in a good long while to visit the Communist island, and it looked like it was an almost fine visit, except for his decision to go to a ballgame after the bombings in Europe, which was of course, tacky. But then what do you expect from a president that goes to a press conference to denounce the beheading of an American journalist, then trot off to the first tee for a round of golf?

Well, it appears his newfound socialistic friends down Havana way may not have the same feeling for Bobo as he does for them. Cuban Foreign Minister, Bruno Rodriguez called Obama’s visit, “an attack on the foundation of our history, our culture, and our symbols.” Huh? I thought this was the era of new friendship? Apparently, Rodriguez missed the email from Raul Castro, right?

Well, maybe not. Rodriguez’ comments came a day after Castro called the United States an “enemy”, warning that our goals were to undermine the Communist revolution in Cuba. Somehow that doesn’t sound like chums either. So what’s going on here?

What’s going on is that once again, as he did in Egypt, as he did with Russia, as he did in Crimea, as he did in Libya, as he did in Syria, as he did with Iran, as he continues to do in Saudi Arabia, Obama just doesn’t understand the world. He doesn’t get that there are a lot of countries around the world that don’t like us, and he’s psychologically a guy that needs to be liked. That was the reason for the initial “apology tour” when he first took office. That was the reason for all of the things he did regarding the litany of countries listed above. And none of it has worked. In fact, I’d hazard a guess that Obama hasn’t made one correct call yet in foreign policy. He continually screws up thinking that he can get our enemies to become our friends if he smiles at them, apologizes for wrong doings of the past, and promises to help them in the future. He doesn’t get it that enemies are enemies for more than reasons of misunderstanding. That is why he’s a terrible president. Let me correct that; that’s ONE reason why he’s a terrible president. He doesn’t understand the world except through his own convoluted view. And that is dangerous. What’s even more dangerous is you’ve got someone that is poised to be the Democrats’ nominee for the White House that basically agrees with his convoluted view, except she’s even worse when it comes to foreign policy (if that’s possible!).

No, Obama has failed to learn a lot in the White House. Humility aside, he’s screwed up just about everything he’s touched. Why would we believe that he would have gotten it right with Cuba?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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  1. The guy thinks he is a solution to a problem…except he is not a solution and mainly because he does not understand the problem.Communism did not work in the past and does not work now. The world should isolate it until it dies. Only then can new leadership emerge from Cuba…when it is finall free!

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