Making Sense of “Free College”

I’m amazed at the way politicians on the left can be so hypocritical. Let’s examine one of the issues that they are clamoring for (and getting a lot of buzz about) in this year’s election. It’s all about “free college”.

So, why is “free college” a big deal? It’s because of massive student loan debts that have piled up from those that have opted to go to college. And there are several questions that need to be asked about this plank of the Democrats’ platform. The easiest question to ask is, yes, they have a lot of debt, but who made them pull the trigger and go to college? Was that a mandatory thing, like Obamacare, where regardless if you can afford it, or think you need it or not, you have to have it? Or was it an elective, like taking a film class at UCLA when you’re a biology major? The fact is, no, you are not being forced to go to college these days. And yes, it IS your responsibility to pay your bills. So that argument doesn’t fly. Oh, it’s a popular statement on the campaign trail, but it doesn’t fly.

What I really want to know is why the Democrats are so damn hypocritical when it comes to this thing called debt. Why is it they care more about these students, most of whom haven’t worked a day in their lives yet, and the debt they are amassing so that they can become the 1%’ers of the next generation, and they don’t care a damn about the federal debt that is approaching $19.5 TRILLION dollars? We’re more concerned about the fact that little Johnny College Boy is going to owe $100,000 for an education that is totally voluntary that he gets rather than paying down at $19.5 TRILLION dollar debt that is soaking not only us, but our kids, our grandkids, our great-grandkids, and even our great-great grandkids. If the Democrats are THAT into lowering our debt, why all the governmental spending? When are they going to learn that liberalism hasn’t worked, never has worked anywhere it’s been tried, and will never work for one very simple reason…you always run out of other people’s money?

I’m really interested to see someone ask either Hillary or Bernie why they can back a plan that would cost hundreds of billions of dollars to send every person that graduates from high school to college for free, so they can avoid amassing this terrible debt, and yet they can’t see what that same debt does to the country? Anyone with an ounce of fiscal integrity would tell you that this is an absolute blunder and can never happen.

The other plan, this one floated by Hillary, is that they forgive student debt. Now, I’ll tell you a story. When my kids were in college, they both got credit cards. And they both went crazy and rang up credit card debt like 95% of the college students out there. Did dad help them out? Nope. Not a dime. Why? Is it because I like to see my kids suffer? Absolutely not. It’s because they need to learn a fiscal lesson, and they need to learn personal responsibility. You got into debt for a reason; you need to get out of that debt. There are ways to do it. They aren’t easy, and yes, you’re going to have to sacrifice and suffer for it, but you’ll be a hell of a lot better off having done it. And why some mamby-pamby Democrats can’t understand the whole philosophy of personal responsibility is beyond me. It, along with the degradation of the family unit in this country is the reason we’re sliding down the tubes. Look out Rome…you’re not the only one falling!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!