Talk About A BAD Trip!?

You gotta feel for Barack Obama. Nothing seemed to go right for him on his whirlwind trip to Saudi Arabia to prop up the Saudi support and then a quick stop in England. Some days it doesn’t pay to get off Air Force One!

Of course, Bobo knew the first stop was going to be tumultuous. He had a GOP led congress ready to pass a bill saying that it was ok for US citizens who were victims of terror attacks to sue foreign countries (something that can’t be done today), if they were involved in it, and then you’ve got Saudi Arabia saying that if they do that, they’re going to dump US Treasuries to the tune of $750 billion! That would have some impact on our economy, but would in the long-run, probably have effected Saudi Arabia’s economy more since we would most likely have retaliated in some way. And believe you me; they need us to prop them up. A family run country? Other than Cuba and North Korea, where do you find that today?

Well, the president was trying to be cooperative having said before he landed in Riyadh that he would veto the measure, but that was to no avail. The meeting didn’t go quite as smoothly as he wanted. He wanted to discuss was the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) and how they can strengthen their support of his battles in Syria and against Iran. Of course, he had shot himself in the foot with the Iran Nuclear Deal, and it didn’t settle really well either that he called the Saudi’s “free-riders” because they are making the US do all the heavy lifting. On the Saudi side, they’re not really happy with the US because of the Iran deal which they opposed anyway. And things kind of got chillier from there. Of course, Bobo isn’t the warm and fuzzy-headed world leader everyone makes him out to be.

Then it’s on to England, our oldest and dearest ally. And in jolly ol’ England, they’re embroiled in a battle to get out of the European Union. Rumors were circulating that Obama was in town to help Prime Minister, David Cameron push the referendum to stay in the EU. Obama also thinks England should stay. Most English disagree with that assessment. And when Bobo landed, he got a rather cool welcome from the British. They were upset that he would even think of trying to meddle in their homeland affairs, and thought he should go back to the US. Not exactly the cup of tea and crumpets Bobo expected.

This is exactly what happens when you have a boy doing a man’s job. There is no way this particular president is qualified to do anything other than spout his socialist ways (which usually don’t include foreign policy to begin with), and “fundamentally change the way America works”. Foreign policy is a distraction to Bobo, and it shows. He’s terrible at it. Unfortunately for the “worst president in US history”, every single president since Millard Fillmore has had to deal with foreign policy to a greater degree. And he’s no exception. When you elect bad, you get bad. Now let’s see if we’ve learned our lesson this November, shall we?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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