The Obamacare Crash?

United Healthcare came out this week as the latest large insurance carrier to pull out of Obamacare in certain markets. The country’s largest insurer decided that losing money wasn’t in its best interest, and that it would be better suiting its shareholders if it pulled out of the exchanges (that are left). This is amid early claims that those of you using the website to get your insurance are going to be facing massive increases next year as competition is swept away. It’s expected that the average cost of a policy go up about 76%! That’s a huge amount to stomach, unless of course, you’re one of the 80% of the people that use that are getting it paid for by the rest of us shlubs.

Let’s put that number in perspective. If you’re spending $250 on a healthcare policy every month, your monthly premiums are going up to $440 next year. That’s a hell of a jump! But the bigger question isn’t can you afford it. The bigger question is whether Obamacare will collapse because of it. The answer, I’m afraid is no.

Obamacare was designed to fail. There, it’s in the open and I’ve said it. It was never supposed to be more than a stop-gap measure to bridge you to a single-payer healthcare system. What was supposed to happen all along was that Obama and his cronies would get some insurance guys to back it promising them lots of new enrollees. They sign up people, and then can’t make money because they have to take everybody (no pre-existing condition clause anymore), and only the sick sign up. Now they are going to lose money. No problem again. Obama says the federal government will pick up you losses for a period of time (I think it was five years). And then Marco Rubio and his guys decide that’s going to break the bank, so they pass a bill that says the government is going to renege on that promise. Obama signed it into law. Did you ever wonder why?

It’s because he’s wanted Obamacare to fail all along. As it fails and the choices get fewer and fewer, the prices go higher and higher and the people start complaining. Who steps in to save the day? The federal government does. They step in and they announce that they are going to have to pick up the cost because too many private insurers are backing out. So now you’ve got a Medicaid plan for the whole country…and it’s a single payer system…what Obama has wanted all along.

That was the dirty little secret that Obama forgot to tell you when he pitched this plan back in 2009. Oh, some will say he lied. Some will say that he forgot to tell you important parts of it. Some will say that he didn’t want you to know what his plan was. If you love your doctor? Nope. This one was all about if you want the federal government to get more control of the economy…16% of the economy to be precise. And unless the GOP wins the White House and maintains holds in the House and Senate this November, you’re going to be seeing a single-payer healthcare system within the next three years. And that, my friends, you can take to the bank!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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