Don’t Worry About November

I know all the hype about how every vote is going to be needed in every state regardless who is the Republican nominee. I know all about the Electoral Math that is out there that shows the GOP needs to flip four states in order to make it to the White House in 2016. I know I’m not the least bit worried. I also know that every single Republican and independent voter out there needs to vote for the Republican nominee regardless who it is because whoever gets the nomination is going to be a far better president than Hillary Clinton.

That all being said, I’m not worried. Here’s why. The Republican party is being portrayed on the media (even the “right-wing” Fox News) as a fractured party that may not make it through the convention, much less the fall vote. That’s all hogwash. The fact of the matter is the Republicans are far more engaged this political cycle than the Democrats are. Want proof? Throughout the primary campaign so far, and we’re a long way from being done I recognize, the GOP has over 60% of the total votes cast in all of the primaries from both parties. That translates to 8 million more votes than the Democrats have received. And when you take Bernie Sanders and his throngs of people out of that mix, the Democrats’ engagement level drops precipitously. There’s a very solid reason for that; Hillary Clinton is not an excitable candidate. In fact, Hillary Clinton is a very weak candidate.

And that is the real reason why I’m not worried about this fall. I have a feeling the GOP will indeed unite under whoever gets the nod after a very contentious convention in Cleveland. And they will unite for one solid reason. There isn’t any other person, except maybe Barack Obama that the GOP hates more than Hillary Clinton. They will do anything to deny her the opportunity to further ruin this country. That is something the pundits aren’t telling you. I’m not saying that whomever the GOP sends through to the general election is going to be another Ronald Reagan…and remember…in 1976, the GOP turned their back on him to try and elect Gerald Ford (who lost big time!). But Reagan came back stronger in 1980. I can see the same thing happening this time around. I can see Trump actually prevailing in Cleveland, and Cruz coming back in four years or eight years and taking the nomination in 2020 if Trump opts out for only one term (and I think he will be tired of being president by then).

The Democrats have put their stock in a failed candidate, and unexciting candidate. There are fewer and fewer people that find her likable, and fewer and fewer people that find her trustworthy. When the FBI comes out with their referral to indict and Loretta Lynch doesn’t, there will be blowback of a huge proportion. The GOP will be fighting the current regime just like the Democrats ran against eight years of George W. Bush (whom they said stole not one but two elections).

We don’t need to worry…we only need to make sure we go to the polls and vote!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


3 thoughts on “Don’t Worry About November

  1. Well Desert, like malaria, I’m back. Needed the weekend to sort out medical stuff, hang with my Significant Other and get ready for the Neil Deal concert Sunday night, which was excellent. Four Dead in Ohio, which the 46th anniversary is a week from tomorrow.

    I did not know that in addition to being a communication major you were also a poly sci major, but then we history dudes always believed that poly sci majors were not smart enough to be history majors.

    Basically the Republicans are screwed in Cleveland and in the general election. This is because the policies of the Blow Died Blowhole, the Canadian Latino White Southern Bigot and the Fraudulent Mr. Reasonable do absolutely nothing to help the Middle Class they love so much and will continue to demonize the Lower Class, which Republicans love to do. Remember the 47%, Eddie Munster’s Takers? Further, if little Teddy brings up the story of his father and immigrating to the U.S., the media will rip and wacko dad to shreds as the entire story from being a “freedom fighter with Castro” to the U.S. “immigration” story to his current “Jesus” tour is a fraud as I posted earlier. Now you have either ignored what said because you think I’m nuts or you know it is true or you believe both.

    Then there is the Hillary story regarding the e-mails and the FBI. A couple of thing bother me here with this story. The first is who classifies documents as top secret and when? As far as I can tell this has never been explained. Then there is the FBI stuff you post, half of which is not true, specifically the 150 agent thing, never was but continually reported on FOX as true. Also, and this is really puzzling, is your “friend” who is and FBI agent. When sworn in they take an oath and I do not believe part of that oath is leaking information to a college buddy so he can post it on a blog. I do believe that would violate at least one Federal statute and probably more if found out. I have friends who are judges both at the State and Federal level who hear big time cases, yet they do not feel inclined to leak their decisions to me.

    Finally, your statement at Gerald Ford lost big time in 1976, not true. Lost by 26 electoral votes, carried 26 States and only fell short by 2.1% of the popular vote. Hardly a big time loss even by a poly sci view. As a matter of fact, Ford nearly pulled off being elected in spite of his pardon of Tricky Dick from Yorba Linda, which in retrospect was the correct thing to do.

    Glad you have laid in a supply of popcorn for the Republican convention, maybe we can get together and watch some of it together. I’ll even supply some beer, which will be excellent of course. KWAK!

    • Whoa…wait a minute here! Are you telling me that you can come up with ANYTHING on Trump that comes close to the crap the GOP already has (not to mention what the FBI is going to add to the mix) on Hillary Clinton? I know…you missed the 90’s right? And let me correct you about something regarding Gerald Ford. Here is his quote (I was working at the station the night his chief of staff said this and couldn’t believe it when it came over the wires: “Mr. President, you really should wait until the polls close before you concede.” It may have been 26 votes but it was known at 7:25pm that he had his ass handed to him! I covered it, and I was there.
      Also, after last night’s sweep by Trump (in which Cruz got all of 1 delegate), I think this think is almost over…if Trump wins Indiana next Tuesday it’s lights out for “Eddie Munster”. He already is eliminaTED.

  2. Well Desert, yes I can.
    First, there was that driveling nonsense yesterday (4/27) from Trump that passed as a VERY SERIOUS FOEREIGN POLICY speech. Somebody better tell the Blow Dried Il Duce about using the term America First (look it up). The speech was basically recycled nonsense from his stump speeches plus the usual Republican talking points. Nothing new other than he used a teleprompter to reveal his ignorance rather than his usual off the cuff bloviating.

    Second, his record as a businessman will reveal he is not as good as people think. His wealth is really based on fleecing others and banks through the bankruptcy code. His financial statement is a joke as it does not say how wealthy he is or if so, what are his true assets and liabilities. The financials are fraud like him. Speaking of fraud, the trial concerning Trump University will be going on during the campaign and this will not be pretty. There will also be info on previous lawsuits on his developments and those golf courses in Scotland and Dubai have interesting stories.

    Third, his tax plan which is a joke, not a big a joke as Grandpa Munster’s (Eddie Munster is Paul Ryan) and will do nothing for the middle class, they are being hustled by this grifter.

    I didn’t miss the 90’s and you will learn that all those Clinton “scandals” were ginned up by Citizens United (look these people up) and the Rutherford Institute. Only Bill and his blow job in the Oval Office was true.

    As for Gerald Ford, I find the concession speech request at 7:25 PM (presuming EST) to be a bit hard to believe, especially if you look at the electoral map, which you obviously did not. I suggest you do give it a peek and get back to me. While that may have been said, usually concession speeches are not given until the West Coast polls have closed and there is some sort of projection. In this instance, presuming EST, it would have been 4:25 PM in California, a large State. I was there also and there were many States that were too close to call at that time.

    Have fun storming the castle.

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