Will McAuliffe’s Gamble Work?

Virginia Governor, Terry McAuliffe is long-time friends of the Clintons, so it’s no surprise that he’s going to pull out any stop he can think of to deliver his state to Hillary come this fall. Virginia was already a “purple” state, because the heavily populated area in the northern part around the state is made up of governmental workers from Washington (very heavy Democrats), and the southern portion of the state is more normal people (more conservative, like Virginia has usually always been).

It shouldn’t surprise anyone to hear McAuliffe come out with some ludicrous plan to add 200,000 felons to the voter rolls in time for this falls presidential elections. That’s what Dems do. If they can’t get the dead to vote, or they can’t give illegal aliens the right to vote, by God, they’ll give it to the felons who by law aren’t supposed to have that right. The problem is, as most of the time with Democrats, they are very short-sighted when it comes to actual solutions. The “unintended consequences” of their actions never seem to play into the overall scheme of things. I’ll explain…

Let’s take the illegal aliens situation as an example. Yes, the Democrats want to give 11 million illegals citizenship and the right to vote without having to do anything for it other than break our laws by coming into the country illegally. There would be very little punishment for breaking the law in this case because Democrats see 11 million votes for themselves. That is rather short-sighted. While the Mexicans that cross the border illegally would be grateful for their newfound citizenship, a study found that 63% are more conservative and would tend to vote either independent or Republican in elections.

Let’s take a look at Terry McAuliffe’s miscue here and determine why he’s wrong in his assumption. Basically 2% of Americans are ineligible to vote because they are felons. 35% of them are black men who have served time in jail. Is this important this time in this presidential election? Well, the math seems to think not. In 2012, over 60% of eligible black voters cast a ballot (mostly for Obama). In 2014, when the GOP took over the Senate and strengthened its lead in the House, only 12% of the voters were black. So if Terry McAuliffe is thinking that just by adding names to the voting rolls is going to work, he’s sorely mistaken. If Obama were running again, you bet it may make a difference. But without a black running for the White House, most blacks are inclined to stay home…even if Hillary is on the ticket.

Now, the GOP is making a big deal about this, and they probably should, but I don’t think it’s that big a deal. Virginia went to Obama in 2012, so if it stays a “blue state” this year it’s not a big deal. There are going to be many other “flips” that would toss the election the GOP’s way. Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Nevada, and even Michigan and Wisconsin could very well move from blue to red in this falls’ voting. If that occurs, it becomes a GOP landslide in the Electoral College. I’m not saying it’s going to be easy. I’m saying don’t worry about Terry McAuliffe. He’s a flea.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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