Cruz/Kasich Vs. Trump?

So Ted Cruz and John Kasich have decided to team up in order to stop Donald Trump in his quest for the Republican nomination for the White House. And that is akin to Jim Webb and Martin O’Malley teaming up to try and stop Hillary and Bernie from battling it out on the Democrats’ side. Yawn!

Look neither Cruz nor Kasich has any possibility of reaching the magic number of 1,237 delegates in Cleveland. Not on the first ballot anyway, though Cruz is trying diligently to make it happen on subsequent ballots; and I give him credit for that. But both guys can’t get there. They are only in the race to stop Donald Trump from getting there and I think that’s the wrong side of politics. They can’t beat the guy, so they want to try and stop him. And apparently judging from the polls I’ve seen this week in the rest of the country, and the voting that happened on Tuesday, it just isn’t happening. So rather than focusing on the remaining states, and campaigning to get their message across, they’re trying to figure out a way to beat a front runner that is pulling away from them. Is that insane?

Donald Trump is poised to become the GOP’s nominee, right, wrong, or indifferent. He has busted his ass and worked the political game as a total neophyte and has beaten out 16 other people…that are career politicians. Now, it may be because this is the year that America is sick of politicians and wants something else. It may be because the voters didn’t see an exciting choice so they decided to go with someone totally outside the realm of politics. Whatever the case, Trump has lit a fire under a lot of people and Cruz and Kasich just haven’t. Cruz has pulled out every trick in the book to stop Trump and so far it just hasn’t worked. If it did, we wouldn’t have seen the type of results we saw yesterday.

I think both Cruz and Kasich would be best suited to either drop out of the race altogether (not likely to happen), or position themselves for something better up the road. Cruz is young and he can come back in four or eight years and try again. Kasich is probably not going to be able to do that, but he’s had a pretty nice political career. Very few people get to add President of the United States to their resume. When Kasich realizes that there were 17 people on his side of the ticket running for this office this time around and so far he’s finished fourth (Marco is still ahead of him in delegates), it’s not all bad. And it’s not all bad when you consider Kasich was the last guy to actually get into that 17 man and woman field.

No, Kasich and Cruz teaming up to defeat Trump isn’t going to matter much at this point, I’m afraid. They may be able to slow his momentum, but I’m not sure how. Unless Ted has some more dirty tricks up his sleeve, I see Trump actually getting to 1,237…and then some.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!