Why Bernie Shouldn’t Pack It In

I don’t believe for a minute that Bernie Sanders should listen to what Hillary Clinton is trying to tell him, but is afraid to. She wants him to pack it in. She wants him to pull up stakes and head back to Vermont and to end this silly notion that he can be the Democrats’ nominee for president. What a silly rabbit!

Of course, she can’t come right out and say that. She can’t because that would make her even more hypocritical than she already is…and she can’t afford that. Back in 2008, the last time she tried to run for president, she ended up being told by Barack Obama’s people to get out of the race, that it was over and she was doing nobody any good taking it to the convention. She didn’t listen. Instead she went to the convention, where she cut a deal to have Obama pay off her massive campaign debts, and give her the title that she sought after she realized it wasn’t going to be “Commander In Chief”…that of Secretary of State.

And so, Hillary is in a conundrum. She wants Sanders out so she can pick up some momentum. As it stands, Sanders will do well in New Jersey and California, the last two states to vote. And that means Hillary will of course go over the top in delegates before the convention, but will limp into Philadelphia to be crowned Queen of the Dems. And she will have massive problems on her hands. Oh, the talk is of a fractured Republican party, but I have news for you. The Democrats are almost as fractured. Bernie Sanders’ campaign this year has interested more young people in politics than any time since John F. Kennedy. His problem was that was about all the people that cared about him. Hillary on the other hand knows if she can’t persuade those young people to join her bandwagon (something that will be tough to do after they were shouting “LIAR” at Sander’s events every time her name was mentioned), and tougher still, get them to show up on election day and pull a lever for her. Most people know young people need to be highly motivated to vote. Hillary certainly knows that. And she’s not a very motivating candidate.

So, Hillary will have to settle for whoever shows up in November, and chances are Bernie’s army won’t be there in force for her. But as for now, Bernie needs to ride the Bern as long as he can. He has changed his goal from winning the White House in November to influencing the Democrat Party at the convention. I’m still not convinced he’s going to be able to do that. And aside from a prime-time speaking spot, I’m not sure he’s going to get much out of that convention; losers usually don’t.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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