Economy Could Sink Not Only Obama…

If you need any further proof that the current president isn’t making it as a leader, as a “commander-in-chief”, as a domestic policy leader, you need to look only at the tepid US economy. Not since the great depression has the economy sputtered and spit and stalled as many times as this one has. And it proves the point I’ve been making for the past seven years.

Liberalism doesn’t work. It won’t work. It’s never ever worked. There has never EVER been a single instance in the history of the world where over time having bloated governmental spending has proven to be a prosperous achievement. And this government has continued to prove that theorem.

The Department of Commerce reported this week that the United States’ economy grew at an anemic rate of 0.5% for the first quarter. That give Bobo Obama a rather historic distinction. He is the first president in US history not to see at least one year of 3% growth in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). It’s a legacy item that belongs right up there with Obamacare, an IRS Scandal, a continuation of Fast & Furious, a Secret Service that’s grown out of control, an Attorney General that has been found in contempt of congress, a former Secretary of State under criminal investigation, and a failed foreign policy that has seen nothing but utter and complete failure starting with an apology tour and including the overthrow of Libya, a disaster in Syria, an early withdrawal from Iraq before the job was completed, a sorry excuse for a nuclear deal with Iran, a resurgent Russia that has annexed the Crimea from Ukraine, and what else? Oh…how about four Americans dead in Benghazi because of someone’s absolute total incompetence in managing foreign affairs…actually more than one. Quite a library!

Oh yes…the White House loves to spin it that it’s the Republicans’ fault because they didn’t go along with even more massive spending on infrastructure (read that as boosting unions), even though the last time we tried this in 2009, it produced…wait for it…wait for it…ONE shovel ready job! And we spent three-quarters of a trillion dollars. THAT is the kind of salary I would want for one year, lucky bastard!

No, this president has been a failure on all accounts from day one. He was not equipped to become president when he won, he’s still not equipped to be president seven years later. And yet, there is someone running for president that wants to actually continue this philosophy? Apparently so! Apparently, Hillary Clinton wants to continue the weakest growth of any US president since Herbert Hoover and the Great Depression. And even Hoover had a year of 3% GDP growth! But Hillary in her wonderful economic mind, believes this is the road we need to be traveling down.

It’s just one more reason why we need to bring back some sort of intelligence test before people are allowed to vote. There is NO free Obama money people! There will be NO free Clinton money. It’s all your money. You screwed up twice…in 2008 and 2012. Don’t do it again in 2016!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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  1. Honestly the sign should read “Make America American again” These people act like we owe them something, Have they not been exploiting America every chance they get? Great post my friend

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