Trump Bringing Out The Truth In People

I have to say that as “The Celebrity Apprentice” wore on (and on, and on, and on), I got less and less interested. How many fundraisers for charity can you televise and still make it interesting? Anyway, the one thing that I realized thinking back thru that show was Donald Trump did a good job of bringing out the REAL person. It didn’t matter if they came from country music or hip-hop. It didn’t matter if they were nice or a real asshole, he brought out their true nature. He’s doing the same thing on the campaign trail.

Did you see all of the protests in California? Did you see what they are basically about? There are a whole bunch of illegal immigrants that are angry that California is AMERICAN and not Mexican territory! They want the land back that we “stole” from them in the Mexican/American War. By the way…that was in 1846, about 170 years ago. Now, these protesters aren’t unhappy that Trump wants to bring all of that corporate cash that’s being stashed overseas here, no. They are unhappy that Trump a) wants to deport people that are in this country illegally; and b) wants to build a wall on our southern border, which would make it harder (not impossible) for the illegals to get here.

Trump has once again brought out the true feelings of people. And it’s my bet that he once again is going to expose the true agenda of the illegal aliens. You’re already seeing it. Drudge had a picture of a kid standing in front of a Mexican flag with a sign that said, “Make America Mexican Again”. Again? I don’t think AMERICA was EVER Mexican! Somebody has their history wrong! Now, if you want to say California, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, New Mexico, and Texas? OK, I’d agree with you. But that’s called the price of losing a war and being dumb enough to fight the United States in the first place. It’s never going to happen.

If what we’re seeing under the covers with Donald Trump on the campaign trail is true and holds up in the White House as well, assuming he can beat Hillary Clinton, it should be interesting. He would be able to expose Iran, North Korea, Russia, and France for what they truly are. OK…I threw France in there just to make sure you were awake and following along, but you get the idea. Trump isn’t stupid. He’s ignorant on a lot of points and he needs to get a very quick education as to the inside game of politics, the BUSINESS of politics, but he’s not stupid. And if he surrounds himself with quality people that DO understand the game and the business of politics, I think he’ll be ok. The worst mistake Donald Trump can make if he gets elected is to do what Bobo Obama did, surround himself with cronies that may know Chicago politics, but don’t know squat about Washington DC. It’s all but ruined the country!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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    I have no doubt Trump will surround himself with knowledgeable people – political and business people. We have had enough of the educational people in the government with Obama. They might know something but they certainly didn’t prove it. I guess they thought they were still running a classroom and now that class and the semester is almost over – they are still trying to find the report cards to fill out on themselves. I can hardly wait to fill out that report card with a “F.”


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