Michelle’s Latest Foray Into Your Food

I’ll give Michelle Obama this much…the lady loves food. Well, let me change that. She loves to tell you what you can eat and not eat; what you SHOULD eat and not eat. As if that were any of her business (it’s not). And she’s at it again.

The FDA last week put the finishing touches on the new nutrition labels that will have to be on food that you purchase. It’s got to be there within the next two years, and must include a larger than life calorie count, as well as any “added sugars” that are in the food. That one has scientists that know anything about nutrition scratching their head.

Apparently, the board that Michelle helped get these items onto the list, didn’t include one person that understood what sugars do to the body, if they are helpful to the body in any way, or why they need to be included in the list of nutritional facts. Scientists are warning this will blow up in the government’s face because of the fact there is no scientific evidence that this particular addition has any merit. In layman’s terms it means, it’s all bogus.

First of all, let’s be honest. Only 66% of us actually READ the damn labels with any frequency in the first place. Second of all, most of us (87%) use taste as a determining factor as to whether we are going to buy a product or not. Third, 71% of us use cost as a factor. You can read the whole article at http://cathe.com/nutrition-confusion-how-many-people-really-read-nutritional-labels, and yes…she cites her sources as well.

So basically, Michelle is out trying once again to influence what we eat. Now, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I think yes, she’s right. We DO eat too much sugar. We DO eat too many processed foods, and we DO eat a lot of crap that’s high in fat which we crave. But she’s going about it all wrong. She seems to forget from time to time that we’re not living in China. We’re not being told by the federal government what we can and cannot eat. This is, last time I checked, America, and you have the right to purchase and eat whatever you like. Because if that is taken away from you, than all of your rights are able to be taken away from you. Need an example (the liberals out there will hate this one). IF you are going to allow the federal government to work “based upon the public good”, which was their basis for nutrition labels and Obamacare, then all it takes is a conservative to get into office and decry that “the public good” needs to have our thoughts all going down the same road, and liberalism needs to be banned. Done deal. You’ve now got precedence. Of course they have to prove how…but Obamacare really didn’t do that…and Michelle hasn’t even begun to do that. This was her “first lady project”… and the libs in government wanted to see it accomplished for her.

And now, we want to see them all leave town in a U-Haul. Quickly.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


It’s Not About The Hot Dog!

You probably have the day off today. It’s not so you can go to a beach somewhere or sit by your swimming pool. It’s not so your husband or wife can grill out copious amounts of meat on the bar-b-que. It’s not about sleeping late or getting drunk. It’s not about fireworks, or Indy 500 or Coke 600. It’s about something more important. It’s about something vastly more important.

Today is about the millions…yes MILLIONS of men and women who have died for this country. It’s about honoring their memories. It’s about realizing that without the ultimate sacrifice that these heroes have made, you and I wouldn’t be able to do what I described above. And even though our country is a far cry from what it was in almost every category just eight years ago, and probably a far cry from where it will be eight years from now, look around the world. You will discover that while we have our challenges, from idiot socialists who want our government to resemble Venezuela and Greece, to brain-dead members of ISIS who just plain want to destroy everyone not living in caves and treating women like dogs, we are far better than most any other country on earth.

I could not be writing this today without the help of those millions of men and women who gave their lives for us. You could not be commenting on this, or watching something critical of the government, or listening to a talk-radio program that slams a president hell-bent on destroying us. None of this would be possible without the people that have fought and died to keep us free. And though we may not be as free as we have been in our recent past, we still are clinging to our freedoms, and we need to show the NEXT generation that will be depending on us to do what our brave heroes have done, that we will not shirk our duties. Freedom is not free is an old, and oft-used cliché, but it’s true.

So this Memorial Day, please take a moment. Visit a national cemetery. Think about why your life is free, and lift your eyes to the heavens and thank God Almighty that you have that freedom. It’s a freedom that has come with an incredible price tag that so many have chosen to pay for you!

Happy Memorial Day!

Now, carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Where Have The Good Democrats Gone?

I think back to a time when the Democrats and Republicans valued things a lot differently than they do now. And I have to ask myself…when did the Democrats get so wimpy? I think back at the last few Democrats that have been president (and you have to go back a ways because there haven’t been that many of them), and they’ve all been wimps.

You have Barack Obama who is scared as hell to fight a war against terror that needs to be fought. Remember that he’s the guy that wanted to “end all of the wars”, and yet, he’s gotten us back into them because of his failure to understand the situation. Yes, Valerie Jarrett, that lady that has no idea what she’s doing in DC said on TV the other day that Bobo has gotten us out of two wars. Actually, that’s not true. We’re in both Afghanistan and Iraq. We left Iraq before we actually finished the job (does that qualify for premature evacuation?), and we’ve never left Afghanistan. So, technically, he’s not gotten us out of two wars, he’s actually gotten us into a third war in Syria against ISIS. The reason is simple. He’s a wimp of Lyndon Johnson proportions that doesn’t understand what war is about and how to fight it.

Bill Clinton tried to do much the same thing in the Balkans when he tried to fight an air campaign with no ground troops. Oh, it worked for a little while, but not in the long term. And Jimmy Carter? His term as president was so unproductive he’s currently ranked below Millard Fillmore for God’s sakes on the list of worst presidents! He was so bad that he actually had to go to work for Habitat For Humanity to improve his image. His Iranian hostage rescue attempt was ill-conceived, and a terrible idea from the start, and the military told him so. But somehow, Democrats seem to think they know how to prosecute war better than the professionals that are in place over at the Pentagon. Maybe that’s one reason why they make such lousy presidents?

I want to know where the GOOD Democrats have gone. People that KNOW how to prosecute wars. What happened to the FDR’s and Harry Truman’s of the world? Those guys, while I disagreed with their politics and their policies, were at least decent at realizing that they weren’t the professionals (though Truman DID serve in WWI), they at least had the ability to delegate the authority to those that knew better. And the results were a LOT better than anything we’ve had since.

What do you think the world would look like if Barack Obama, or Bill Clinton, or Jimmy Carter or even Lyndon Johnson would have been tasked with prosecuting World War II? I personally think we’d all be speaking German about now.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Disneyland Medical? VA In World Of Hurt!

To hear Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert McDonald tell it, waiting for an appointment to see a doctor at a VA Hospital is a lot like waiting for a ride on Space Mountain at Disneyland. OK…you’re waiting for the punch line, aren’t you? I was. I still am. There is no punch line. Only a very sad tale of yet another governmental agency that is bloated beyond belief and doesn’t know how to right the ship.

You’ve probably heard that McDonald made the comment the other day while addressing a Christian Science Monitor breakfast with a bunch of reporters. And he likened the wait times at Disneyland as only a “part of the overall experience”, just like the wait times at a VA Hospital are only part of the overall experience. The only difference is, when you wait for a ride in Disneyland, you don’t die as a result. Overall experience? Let’s talk about getting wait times down to zero. Apparently McDonald doesn’t realize that he’s dealing with America’s finest heroes here. These men and women deserve the finest health care available for the rest of their lives, not some third rate physician that had to attend medical school in Guatemala because they couldn’t get into one in the United States. They don’t need a healthcare plan run by some idiot who just makes speeches instead of fixing the problem.

Here’s the real problem, and it goes back years, if not decades. And no, it’s not just an Obama administration problem. It’s just that Obama promised to fix it, and it’s gotten worse. How worse? Well, when the whole thing broke over the VA Hospital out here in Phoenix until today, wait times haven’t gone down at all. In fact, they’ve actually INCREASED 71%. That’s a major fail in my book.

The solution to this problem is so simple it’s ridiculous. You get rid of the Veterans Administration. Dump the hospitals and the doctors. When you get out of the service, you get a metal ID card that gives you free healthcare for the rest of your life. You can go anywhere to get it. You don’t have to go to a government hospital that’s run like a third-world triage ward. You want the best healthcare as a veteran, you deserve it and you should get it. That’s the end of that story. And the only way that is going to happen is to take government out of the equation. Private sector is a MUCH better solution to this problem.

Governments do some things very well. They maintain our security (or they are supposed to). They maintain infrastructure (see above), and they print money. Beyond that, they should pretty well stay out of the lives of its citizens. I don’t need the government to help me out with anything, and there are millions of churches and charities out there that would help the downtrodden and those in need. We don’t need the government re-distributing wealth to make themselves feel better about doing something good for the world. There are plenty of people already doing that, and if the folks in Washington want to help somebody that’s down on their luck, I suggest they give up their seat in Congress, or quit their job in one of the thousands of governmental agencies, and go to work in a soup kitchen or other charity that helps those folks. All they are doing is wasting taxpayer money, which they are also very good at. Unfortunately, that one isn’t in the job description!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

The World Against Hillary

Running for president has to be tough. You’ve got to fend off competition from everyone in your own party who thinks they’d do a better job than you. Then you’ve got to bring the people from your own party together, after months, and sometimes years of name calling and bashing the candidate they fervently supported, and get them on your side. Then you’ve got to go through the whole campaign thing again against somebody from the other side. And in the midst of all of that, you’ve got to keep your cool, you’ve got to appear presidential, and you’ve got to be a good candidate in every sense of the word.

And Hillary Clinton is finding out she’s on some island by herself. It’s just her and a few million supporters. That’s it.

The Republicans are railing about the latest findings from the State Department’s Office of Inspector General which basically laid blame for the whole email scandal at Hillary’s feet while all but indicting her on a raft of charges. The Bernie Sanders crowd are up in arms saying that there’s no way that because of that she’s qualified to be president…that they can’t nominate her because what happens IF they end up indicting her on any of this stuff. And you’ve got the few people out there that are starting to flee the Hillary ship saying she hasn’t been honest with them the whole time, they are tired of the drama, and they just want someone they can elect as president. It is looking more and more like Hillary isn’t that person.

So, yes…it does kind of look like the world is starting to gang up against Hillary Clinton. Add to that the fact it appears that the DOJ is now starting to grant immunity and reduced sentences to people that they are going to need to testify as witnesses against Hillary, and you’re starting to see a very foreboding pattern emerge. The Democrats could well be on their way to nominating someone that could very well be indicted by the time the general election rolls around. That, according to everybody I’ve heard from both sides of the aisle is instant death. So why do the Dems want to chance it?

Bernie Sanders is not electable in American politics to be president. Joe Biden is sitting on the sidelines waiting, but it’s a far cry that he is ready to jump into the fray. He doesn’t have a tenth of the machine in place that Trump has, and doesn’t have one hundredth of the machine in place that Hillary has. He’d be so far behind the times getting in I don’t think his heart could take it. And the Democrats are realizing the short-bench scenario that Hillary created is really what could sink them this cycle. And it’s too late to do a damn thing about it. They’ve put their eggs, cracks and all, in the Hillary basket. Now they just need to see if that basket can actually carry those eggs to election day without spilling and making a mess.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

DOJ Slapped For Unethical Behavior

I have never heard of Judge Andrew Hanen before, but I like the guy. He’s a federal judge from Texas, and he just slapped Department of Justice attorneys on the wrist. Actually, I think he just punched them in the face. Hanen is the guy that’s hearing the case against the Obama administration dealing with the 26 states suing it over the illegal executive order on the immigration front. Well, Hanen has been putting up with the DOJ and their lying attorneys long enough. Earlier this week, he ordered the DOJ to come to its senses.

If anybody thinks that Loretta Lynch or her predecessor, Eric Holder aren’t anything more than political hacks, they need to see what’s going on in Texas. DOJ attorneys had told Judge Hanen that the Obama administration weren’t going to process any illegal aliens and give them right-to-work cards before the judge heard the case. That turns out to be a lie. The DOJ attorneys knew that the Obama administration was already processing 100,000 applications in contempt of the judge’s order. And they had to show up in Hanen’s courtroom and tell him, “Oops. We’re sorry. The administration is thumbing its nose at you. Hanen didn’t like that.

And what was DOJ’s response to the order? “We strongly disagree with the order”. That was it? Yup. Gutless…pure gutless.

So, Hanen had the guts to do what more judges should do. He ordered the DOJ to send every lawyer in every state that is being represented in this case to ethics classes. Not just once for a few hours. Every single year for the remainder of their stead in the Justice Department. He also ordered Loretta Lynch to appoint a person to oversee this punishment. As Hanen stated in his opinion, “The misconduct in this case was intentional, serious, and material. In fact, it is hard to imagine a more serious, more calculated plan of unethical conduct. The Government’s lawyers in this case clearly have violated their ethical duties.” Read that as, “Hey assholes…just because you represent the Justice Department, you don’t have permission to lie to me when presenting your case. Your bosses may get away with it in DC, but that’s not the way I run this court!”

I wish more judges were like this guy! He demands the truth when hearing a trial. Isn’t that what “justice” is all about? Getting to the facts of the matter and deciding what was right and what was wrong? Obama, in this case was clearly wrong, and his attorneys hid the fact that he went ahead and processed illegal aliens against a court order stopping him from doing that.

Congratulations to Judge Hanen. I think the guy needs to be added to Donald Trump’s list of potential Supreme Court nominees. It’s time we had more honesty in the Justice Department, and it’s time to start making government accountable when they screw up. There aren’t many agencies in the federal government right now that can actually be proud of their behavior. DOJ, IRS, EPA, VA, HHS, Secret Service, Homeland Security, all a bunch of screw ups that have done more damage to the country than they are doing right. Now it’s time to pay the piper. I’d take away their budgets entirely for the next three years as punishment. And of course, fire everyone that currently works for them. The government’s too big anyway!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Email Verdict? Guilty As Charged!

The Inspector General for the State Department found yesterday that Hillary Clinton broke several federal laws in running her home brew server. In addition, he found that she did not properly preserve her emails like federal law dictates, and her actions subjected the State Department to several possible breeches in security.

Now, before my liberal friends out there get all bent out of shape thinking that this is a right-wing conspiracy hit job on this fine, upstanding lady who’s about to become Queen Of The World, let me remind you that the Inspector General was appointed by none other than Barack Obama. Yes… this was a DEMOCRAT doing the investigation. And he still found that she broke the law.

Clinton was the only Secretary of State dating back to Madeline Albright (Bill Clinton’s Sec’y of State) that refused to be interviewed by the IG for the report.

On a totally separate but actually more damning bad news, the Department of Justice gave the hacker known as “Gucifer” a reduced sentence in exchange for his upcoming testimony at a Grand Jury hearing. Gucifer was the Romanian prisoner who was in jail for hacking in that country, when he was extradited to the United States to stand trial on hacking charges. He was serving a LONG sentence in this country when DOJ decided to cut him a deal and reduce his sentence to no more than 7 years if he testified against Clinton in the Grand Jury. That makes one wonder.

My only question regarding Gucifer is, if the Department of Justice is going to play politics with this thing and let Clinton off the hook without an indictment, why are they cutting deals with people? Is it just for show? This is a very weird turn of events that totally knocked me for a loop. Earlier, they gave immunity from prosecution to Bryan Pagliano, her IT guy that maintained the server. That one I could understand because Pagliano wouldn’t say anything to anybody (including Congress) without it. But Gucifer is the guy that swore he broke into Clinton’s server not once, but twice, and found that ten other folks had hacked their way in as well, something the Clinton campaign strenuously denies. He claimed that Iran, North Korea, Russia, and China had all visited Clinton’s private server…at least that’s where the IP addresses were from.

So, what does all of this mean? Basically, that it’s another nail in Hillary’s coffin of lies and deceit. She has obviously lied about not receiving or sending classified information. There were over 2100 pieces of classified email found on that server, and not all of them were classified “after the fact”. In fact, according to those that have actually gone through the “classification training” that’s mandatory in DC, things can’t be classified after the fact. They are deemed classified upon creation, and everyone knows what is and isn’t classified…you don’t need it to be marked in a certain way to tell you. It means that yet another investigation against Hillary has said she was at fault, and this one by a Democrat, so you can forget the political angle. The result? We’ve yet to see it, but can you imagine the angst the Dems are going to have if Hillary is nominated president and then indicted for federal crimes? Well, she wanted to make history…

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!