Obama’s Real Legacy

Barack Obama has been president of the United States for seven and a half years (almost). In that time he made a lot of promises, made a lot of speeches, and bloviated a lot of rhetoric. So, what is his true legacy at the end of his term and was he a success at any of it or not?

That is going to be totally dependent on where you are politically. If you’re Barack Obama, you’ve pretty much succeeded in your mission of “fundamentally transforming America”. What he didn’t say back then was he was going to transform America into a socialist state. While that really didn’t happen, he came close in some areas, and he pushed the envelope to the left in a lot of others. If you’re anywhere to the right of Obama, which includes probably 95% of Americans, you probably view his presidency as a failure. So here’s his legacy:
Obamacare: He did get his signature legislation passed and it is the law of the country today. That’s not to say that if Donald Trump wins the White House it will stay that way. There are a ton of flaws in Obamacare, and they are there for a reason; they are there to make sure that as it fails, it’s replaced by a single-payer system. Obama would view this as a major legacy item.

Trans Pacific Partnership: The left hates this because they don’t see any foreign trade deal as a good deal. The right sees it as a chance to open up trade lanes where we currently don’t have them, and hopefully level the playing field. NAFTA moved jobs that probably were outdated and passé, like the blacksmith and the lamplighter, off-shore to countries that could afford to pay their workers less money. Obama will see this as a major legacy item…so will most Republicans. The Democrats will move to squash it if they win the White House or the Senate.

Iran Nuclear Deal: Like it or not, this is going to be a key signature legacy item, and not for the good. It went from “we aren’t going to take a bad deal”, to “if we didn’t do it, it would have led to war”. This is what happens when you don’t understand foreign policy, and you let a neophyte negotiate your foreign policy for you. Unfortunately for all of us, Obama’s inability to have credible Secretaries of State doomed him from the start.

Syria: Yes, Obama will be blame in the history books for what happened in Syria. It was on his watch, and he drew the lines in the sand, which he ultimately erased with his foot. He showed the yellowness of his belly on this one and the world watch, laughed, and lost credibility in America’s ability to lead because of it.

Russia: Once again, as the worst foreign policy president in history, Obama basically ceded Crimea to Russia without so much as a whimper. He allowed Putin to run roughshod over him because he wanted to be liked by the Russian leader. In the end, he was a lap dog.

Libya: While this one was squarely on Hillary Clinton, she was working for Obama when she came up with the policy, and he bought into it. He will forever be the goat in the dismantling of a solid country with a dictator into a mess. He will also be known as the guy that couldn’t rescue four people destined to die because of his (and her) inability to understand the situation.

Iraq: Again, a terrible foreign policy blunder based around an incredibly flawed idea that if we leave them alone, they can rule themselves. Obama took a successful campaign under George W. Bush, and turned it into a steaming pile of dog shit.

ISIS: While I could make an extremely strong case that this is also Hillary Clinton’s mess, Obama was at the top of the chain of command when ISIS came to power…and he did nothing about it until it was too late. ISIS is going to become this century’s Vietnam because of Obama’s inability to understand the situation and react accordingly.

Not a very good legacy. It would be interesting to see what kinds of things they have in Chicago at his presidential library. I bet there are going to be a whole lot of golf score cards!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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  2. A great photo, a picture worth a thousand words; on Obama’s legacy……..Shows Putin riding a horse with his shirt off, next to it; Obama riding a bicycle. Enough said!

  3. Well Desert, as you try to analyze your way out of a paper bag, it seems that you are still stuck there. So let us look at this posting point by point.

    Obama is considered failure by 95% of Americans who are to the right of Obama. Obviously, you are not aware that he is essentially governing right of center, which would make that 95% figure, which I believed you pulled out of your buttocks, right wing yahoos.

    ACA, more American insured that do not have to go to the ER which keeps our premiums down, Closing the donut hole, cannot be refused a policy based on preexisting conditions, slowed the growth of the cost of care, etc. The ACA was the Republicans plan in the 90’s, but since the darkie in the White House passed it, it is bad, a job killer (nonsense), the end of the world, riots in the streets, etc. Ask the people of Kentucky what they think of the ACA and their insurance exchange. The current asshole governor ran on a platform of dismantling it until he got in office and then realized it helped the residents. Consequently, this campaign this disappeared quicker than a Cubs lead in the 9th inning.

    TPP, you cannot stop the global economy and this is part of it. Globalization has been happening slowly since the 70’s, but with the technological advances has picked up a ton of steam since the advent of the internet. Those jobs that Il Duce is promising to bring back, he’s lying he knows it, just does not have the cajones to admit it to his obtuse followers. He is playing them like a cheap street hustler he is. He has absolutely no grasp of anything substantial and Hillary will show what an ignorant Bozo he is.

    Iran Nuclear Deal, well hopefully by now you read Simple Roll of the Dice and see how the Smirking Chimp, Darth Vader and Snowflake Rummy turned down the deal of the century with Iran, but then they were the experts. Morons is closer to it. The mouth foaming right has to learn the difference between policy and rhetoric, although a imagine a group are now looking up the definition of rhetoric. I also believe that Israel can defend themselves and really do not need us. I see Bibi or Bobo is giving us grief over the $4 billion in aid we want to give for some stupid reason. Of course Il Duce would cave on this because “Israel has no better friend than me.” Putz. I say take the $4 billion and spend on our infrastructure and this clown twist in the wind.

    Syria or as I say Iraq lite (apologies to John Oliver). So Obama is responsible for their civil war. As things descended into hell, Republicans were beating the drum about helping the Syrian people. Fine, but which of these tribal groups are on our side and are they loyal? Are you going to commit ground troops to a situation that has no happy ending for anybody. Have we learned nothing from Iraq? Evidently not. As for the line(s) in the sand (BTW there never was a line in the sand at the Alamo, Disney created it), how do we get rid of the chemical weapons? Bomb them and spread the death through the air and kill everybody? Great idea, who came up with that idea? Overthrow Assad, how and who will replace him? You have a Shite majority in a country ruled by Sunnis. Gee, how did that work out for us before? Let me think on that one.

    Russia, and how were we suppose to prevent Putin from taking the Crimea? Troops on the ground, bomb them? The economic sanctions are crippling what’s left of the Russian economy and he is slowly becoming the most hated man in Russia. Also, if you know your Russian history, they have always wanted a year round warm water port. This was just part of the plan.

    Libya, remember the Arab Spring in 2011? Evidently not. This was a policy that involved no ground troops, NATO helped out and we thought we were doing the right thing. Was it a solid country, except fro a brutal dictator who imprisoned and tortured his own people, was in on blowing up a plane with Americans on it and was generally your typical dictator asshole. When dealing with a tribal society, this is what you get. When you get a chance, before you bring up Benghazi again, read the House Republicans report on Benghazi, not Trey Goudy report, which we are still waiting for, the other one. Very revealing.

    Iraq or as I call it, Republican amnesia (again apologies to John Oliver). Bush negotiated the withdrawal and we did not stay because the corrupt Prime Minister (now gone) wanted our soldiers subject to Iraqi law, obviously not in best interests. Why did Iraq look so good when we left, because we paid close to a billion dollars to all the nut ball groups not to attack us. They attacked each other instead. The Sunnis never gave up power and the Shiites were pissed and still are, as evidenced by events past weekend. Do you really want to get involved in this tar baby again? You are an idiot if you do.

    ISIS or as I call it what ever happened to the Iraqi army officers (yeah, John Oliver again). This bunch is really the previous administration’s problem as they disbanded the military and this is what they created along with a bunch of Sunni religious fanatics. This bunch has been around since March, 2003 under different identities. Remember Saddam’s call for personal jihads? Probably not. If you look at old news footage from Afghanistan in the late 90’s you will see a variation of their flag. Actually ISIS has lost almost 50% of their territory and is on the run. Obviously Obama’s plan is working but Republicans will not admit because this is what they do.

    As for Viet Nam, you don’t know shit about it since you were maybe 15 or 16 when it ended and maybe 18 when we finally left. Watching the Deer Hunter and Apocalypse Now does not make you an expert on Viet Nam. Now our total involvement in the Middle East, especially Afghanistan with our nation building, that is Viet Nam with sand. Let’s leave now and let the local yokels deal with it, same for Iraq and Syria. Not our fight.

    I know this response is longer than your posting, but factual reasoned responses are like this.

    • Snarky, if you’re going to make an argument for a point, fine…but at least make it reasonable. Let’s do it step by step (again!).
      First of all, 95% of the people in America (probably more like 99%) ARE to the right of Obama. That’s why they don’t like him. Second, ACA has NOT lowered anybody’s premiums one bit…being a former insurance guru, you should understand that better than anybody. And there is going to be a 70% increase for a lot of folks next year. It’s only going to get worse as more and more “legitimate” insurance companies bail on a really screwed up plan, leaving the government to “have” to take over as a single-payer…which makes you happy I know, but will never happen with a GOP controlled Congress.
      I can’t for the life of me see how anyone (even Obama) can defend the Iran deal. You mean to tell me that giving nukes to Iran is better than stopping them? Really? My God man! What color is the sky in your world?
      As far as Syria, you need to actually READ my posts. No, Obama isn’t responsible for Arab Spring or for Syria’s civil war. What he IS responsible for is the tepid response taken by the US and the fact he’s too chicken to do anything about it. What happened to drawing the line in the sand if Assad used chemical weapons? What happened to all the bluster and bloviated talk about how he wasn’t going to put up with it? I know, I know…he meant well. He tried. Sorry dude…that’d doesn’t count.
      Oh, and ISIS has not been around since March, 2003. Must be the drugs. Sorry…that’s an OBAMA invention when he yanked the troops out of Iraq WAY too early. Oh, and I’ve never seen either the Deer Hunter or Apocalypse Now. I’m sure you would rather have it be “our fight” when the terrorists hits our shores, right? Frankly, I think we have enough violence in Chicago already without having to deal with bombs going off at Wrigley Field.
      Please do me a favor in the future…PLEASE get your facts straight before posting. It really helps. I don’t care how long your posts are, but let’s at least try and post some semblance of the truth, OK?

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