Hillary’s Campaign FAILS At Florida College

Bill and Hillary Clinton, darlings of the Democrats were in Florida to campaign, hoping to make sure that state continues to back them, even as Donald Trump, who has a home there, threatens to steal it away from the left. They were at Rollins College, a small, liberal arts college in Winter Park, Florida. They were getting ready for a crowd of about 40 people to welcome not just the Democrats’ front-runner, but former president Bill Clinton as well.

There was some musical entertainment going on during the warm up segment, and the singer tried to get the crowd fired up. He tried to get the crowd going with “We want Bill!”. Nobody paid any attention to him. Then he tried, “When I say Hillary, you say FIRE!” Nobody said anything. Then he tried, “When I say Hillary, you say Champion!” It failed as well. Seems the students at Rollins College that wanted to hear a presidential candidate speak, didn’t really want to rally them on…but look at their I-Phones, and talk to their neighbors.

Oh, how did the rally itself go? About 15 of the 40 people left while Hillary was speaking. Yeah, it wasn’t a day that they wanted a film crew there trying to show how well Hillary appeals to the young people in this country. But that’s what they got. Something tells me that we aren’t going to see any commercials coming out of that campaign stop…at least not from the Clinton campaign.

And this is Hillary’s major problem. She’s weak on campaign stops. She’s terribly weak when it comes to public speaking, and she’s terrible at getting a crowd ginned up. The enthusiasm factor for the Democrats unfortunately for them, all lies with the guy that’s about to lose the primary and take a back-seat at the convention. And when Bernie Sanders loses, do you know what is going to happen to all of those kids that have supported him since February in Iowa? They’re going to go back to looking for summer jobs, thinking about what classes they need to take next fall, anything and everything except getting excited about some 68 year old woman who coughs all the time, drinks too much, and screeches when she speaks. The enthusiasm gap is going to hurt her big time.

Now, I’ve heard that there is a “gender gap” issue with Donald Trump and Hillary is going to reap the benefits from that as well, but you have to realize Hillary is a very polarizing figure. 50% of the people out there love her and 50% of the people out there hate her. And not all women love her. That means that there can be a huge gender gap, but if not all of the 50% are excited enough about electing her, she has a “Mitt Romney problem”…where he may have been the best candidate for the job, but couldn’t excite his base enough to get them to vote for him. Hillary is in the same boat. And that’s without an FBI referral or a DOJ indictment. Imagine what would happen if that occurred?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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