Fat Lady Sings For Trump; Hillary? Just Plain Fat

You know, I never believed it would play out this way. Hillary Clinton was supposed to be the “anointed” one. She was supposed to be coroneted Queen of the World. Wasn’t she going to speak in front of Greek Pillars at Citizen’s Bank Park in Philadelphia? I’m sure I read that somewhere. Instead, she continues to battle it out with a seventy-something geezer, who almost raised more money than her for the fourth straight month (he fell just short), is out polling her in a ton of states, and is making it difficult for her just by attacking speaking fees and her vote on the Iraq war.

In the meantime, there was this “joke” of a candidate called Donald Trump, who used to joke about running for president himself for years on the Celebrity Apprentice. Trump wasn’t given a shot in hell to become a serious candidate for the White House, much less the nominee by anybody, including me. And last night in Indiana, Ted Cruz bowed out, leaving Trump as the presumptive nominee. Oh, I know. Marco Rubio and Cruz still control about 800 delegates, and John Kasich still has another 150 or so, but it’s pretty much meaningless at this point. Kasich says he’s going to hang in there until Trump hits 1,237 and it’s official…which it pretty much will be on June 7th. Currently, Trump has 1,047 delegates. There are 520 left to divvy up. And that means he will go over the top at the California Primary on June 7th.

Who would have believed that it would have turned out like this a year ago? Certainly not Hillary. Certainly not Bernie. Certainly not Jeb. Certainly not Marco. Hillary wanted to have this thing wrapped up by Super Tuesday, remember? But it’s because Sanders appealed to young voters in a way the Democrats haven’t seen since…well…maybe George McGovern that has led to him sticking a sword in her side. Oh, there’s no doubt she will be the nominee. But that isn’t the question. How much political capital, now much money, how much pizza will need to be consumed between now and Philadelphia? And how much gas will be in the tank after that when she has to meet up with an energized Donald Trump, who was already going to attack her with a flame thrower?

Hillary Clinton is a very weak candidate to begin with. While Bernie Sanders IS unelectable, he IS the better candidate. Clinton should realize that, but she won’t. She thinks she’s destined to be president, like Bobo Obama was destined to be president. But the looming financial crisis, zero growth in the economy (ok…0.5% in the first quarter), and the fact that the vast majority of Americans think Obama is the worst president in US history, and she wants to continue his policies are going to shoot her down.

Somehow, I don’t think she stands much of a chance, and while I personally am sad I won’t have a week’s worth of interesting programming to watch at the GOP convention in Cleveland this summer, I think it’ll be a fun fall. God knows, it’s been a fun spring!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


16 thoughts on “Fat Lady Sings For Trump; Hillary? Just Plain Fat

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  2. Well Desert, looks like Il Duce The Grifter will be the Republican nominee and eventually Hillary making for an interesting general election.

    How did Il duce pull this off. by running a populist campaign appealing to the dark side of white America. Word around the campfire is that before he announced without using focus groups, polling or any of the run of the mill research normally done, Trump and his inner circle sat in a room and listened to right wing talk radio. This means his entire campaign and possibly his positions are based on the rantings of low or no information voters. Hopefully he realizes that the in your face Triumph The Insult Dog routine will only carry you so far and you will actually have to know something about tax law, the economy, trade, foreign policy, jobs, immigration. etc. I truly believe that this huckster is incapable of mastering any of this, essentially a Sarah Palin scholar.
    Once he exposed for his moronic tax plan which favors the wealthy, there is no way to bring those jobs back, going around bombing people and countries is not foreign policy, he cannot do much to improve the economy, starting a trade war is the worst idea in the world, creating a strike force in an attempt to deport 11 million people, that the Constitution applies to everybody and not just who he thinks it should apply to, he is finished. Who will be his VP? Even the most intellectually challenged candidates, Scott Walker, Blahbi Jindal, have said no to this clown. The Republicans are on the verge of a Goldwater ass kicking event. Trump as the Republican nominee is a lot like the Pottery Barn, he broke it, you own it.

    I noted that you pulled more pseudo facts from a dark body area such as the looming financial crisis, vast majority of Americans believe Obama is worst president without any attribution whatsoever. Sort of like the way you scrub your archives of retorts you do not like or do not want your lemmings to see. Case in point, April 27, 2016 regarding Obama’s legacy. Was there yesterday when I responded and today, Poof!, your post, my response is gone and you wonder why I believe conservatives are just a bunch of reactionary frauds.

    Have fun storming the castle.

    • Whew. Once again, you have a lot to digest. As for Trump’s inability to be a master of all of the topics a president must be master of, let me remind you, our current occupant of the White House had none of that, and if you want to talk about actually successful policy experience, neither does the Democrats’ front-runner. Of course, she’s a whiz a dodging the law and evading scandals. That may come in handy. Foreign Policy? Hmmm…best to leave that to someone else! As for who his VP is going to be, I know its not Walker or Jindal or even me. I’m booked for the next year and a half. I’m betting he’ll get someone with some political experience. Even though you see him as some Jabba The Hutt (sorry…but it IS Star Wars Day)…the man is rather intelligent. Probably moreso than his likely Dem opponent! As for the last paragraph…I have no idea what you’re talking about. I haven’t taken anything off of this site since I started writing it…your posts included! Must be your dark side is trying to play games with me…I understand the FCC is trying to take over the internet, and I know this is monitored by the NSA… you may want to ask them what happened, but I didn’t (and don’t) erase anything!

  3. As for the post, check out April archive for April 27th, there is only one post when there was originally two. Not playing games, just speaking the truth. You didn’t look before you responded, maybe you will look now. BTW, he is not smart he has other people do the thinking for him. He is just a spewing wind up monkey.

    • Um…I’m looking at the archive. There ARE two posts. One is called “The Fat Lady IS Singing”, and the other is called “Cruz/Kasich vs. Trump”. You can’t see them both???

    • Now, if you’re talking about 9 days ago (that’s how I see it listed), there were two there including a long comment from you on the one entitled “Don’t Worry About November”. The other one that day was entitled “Will McAuliffe’s Gamble Work”. Don’t know why you’re not seeing this stuff?!

  4. Wow. It always amazes how two people can look at the same thing and see two, completely different things. In my opinion, snarky couldn’t be more wrong on every point and assumption he made above. Also, put me down for Barry being the worst president in US history.

  5. Desert, not jiving you, there is only one post for April 27, The Fat Lady Sings and the other, which I believe was titled Obama’s Legacy is not there. I do not believe it is my computer, an HP which shows you what you get from a company run by an incompetent presidential candidate who makes shit up, like the presumptive nominee. Check you archive for that date and see if one is missing or where the post on Obama’s Legacy is posted/

    • Snark…I’ve been to the archives. They are there, seriously. I went and looked at both of them. I even clicked to bring them up. I don’t know…maybe it’s Carly’s ghost coming back to haunt you (can’t make it as a presidential candidate, can’t make it as a VP candidate either???). Don’t know what to tell you!

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