Well…Is It Rigged?

Donald Trump has been calling the Republican primary system “rigged” for several months now. Ever since he learned that there was a way to win a primary and not get all of the delegates, it’s infuriated him. Of course, that’s because a lot of states either choose their delegates by a proportional vote, where you get 40% of the vote, and you get 40% of the delegates, or they choose it like Indiana and several others states do. There, you have an allotted amount of delegates that are “state-wide” delegates. If you win the state’s popular vote, you get those delegates for the first ballot at the convention. But then they also have up to three delegates for each of the congressional districts in the state. In Indiana, that was an additional 27 total delegates (3 delegates each in 9 congressional districts).

So, it’s possible that a losing candidate could get a lot more than vote totals would indicate. And now, Bernie Sanders is complaining. He’s saying that he’s had 45% of the popular vote total at this point, and he’s only getting 7% of the super-delegates. Why? Because they are the “mainstream Democrats” that will more than likely back a mainstream candidate in a general election. That would be Hillary Clinton. And unless Hillary loses the FBI primary, that isn’t going to change.

Let’s add one more comment to the mix here. Little Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, the chair of the DNC has come out and said if it were up to her they wouldn’t even HAVE primaries! She’d prefer that she’d be allowed to choose the candidate just like in the old days before the 1970’s when primaries became popular. Well, Little Debbie…it was the Democrats that started the whole primary mess…so I don’t know why you want to do away with it.

So it bears the question, is the system rigged? I think the overall answer is no. The rules for each primary are left to the states to decide how they want to divvy up their delegates. And it’s up to the candidates to be able to understand the rules for each of the states and the possessions that vote in the primaries. To that end, the system can’t be rigged. Now, that’s not to say that it can’t favor a “mainstream” candidate over a maverick like a Trump or a Sanders. That’s not to say that an outsider is going to be at a disadvantage. But that’s the way life works. Do you think you’re at a disadvantage if you try to build a car with no experience and go up against GM or Ford? Do you think if you tried to do a radio talk show and went up against a Sean Hannity or a Rush Limbaugh you’d be able to beat them (I was going to say Glenn Beck, but the odds are you COULD beat him!)? Of course not, so why should politics be any different?

The system is what the system is. If you don’t learn the rules of it before you get into it, it’s not the system that’s flawed…it’s the candidate!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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  2. Well Desert, first off let me wish you a Happy Kent State Day, where the reactionary Ohio Governor was responsible for the killing of four students and wounding several others via the weekend warrior Ohio National Guard. I realize you were probably only maybe 13 at the time but thought you would enjoy hearing it from an oldster who participated in the ensuing festivities.

    Now I could write a response to this post, but rather just recommend something for you to read and it isn’t very long. It is by one of my favorite historians, Richard Hofstadter, and is titled The Paranoid Style of American Politics and Other Essays. He predicts the rise of the Tea Party and a person like Trump. Before I forget, it was written in 1952 and the other essays are on the Right in the early 60’s. He has another that might interest you called Anti Intellectualism in American Life. I would loan you my copies but I do not loan out books. Sorry.

  3. Should be still be in print as I read in college and he was (sadly died young in early 70’s) the pre-eminent social historian as he wrote other books. I really think you will find interesting. Still recommend The Looming Tower by Lawrence Wright, very readable and the Significant Other (who thinks I read all together too many of these history things) found it readable and fascinating. Check it out.

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