“Reuniting” The Party

Give a guy a nomination, and the first thing people tend to do on TV is get all excited about having to ask the question, “Will Donald Trump be able to reunite the party?” And the simple answer to that is YES. The longer answer to follow:

When it gets right down to it, what other options do the folks in the Republican Party have? Or should I say the folks in EITHER party. Yes, the GOP is somewhat fractured after the primary season, but the Democrats have a lot of the same “reuniting” to do at their convention as well. Hell, over 33% of Bernie Sanders supporters according to Rasmussen say that they won’t be backing Hillary Clinton in the fall. That’s more than the 21% of GOP that say they won’t be backing Trump. Looks like a lot of people are either going to be staying home or are lying. My guess is the latter.

Look, let’s be real honest here. When people see Hillary vs. Trump, they are going to come out on one side or the other, and they aren’t going to like the other side so they’re going to hold their nose and vote. At this point, Hillary has the better “machine”, but she’s absolutely terrible at getting people excited and enthused about her candidacy. That’s because she sounds like a screeching goose every time she opens her mouth. Trump lacks a good ground game, but proved in the primary that wasn’t that important. Ted Cruz had him beat six ways to Sunday with ground game and “machine”, but couldn’t pull it off. And Cruz is a MUCH better candidate than Clinton. Trump is going to have to switch gears a little bit, and be a little more inclusive with his GOP friends…but he is going to be absolutely relentless when it comes to attacking Clinton.

Hillary said on TV yesterday that she had been attacked about stuff in the 90’s so long, and if that’s what Trump wanted to do, he’s welcome to it. That’s not what she should be worried about. That stuff doesn’t matter. That’s the historical basis for what Trump is going to do. He’s going to be unrelenting when it comes to the attacks. Don’t believe me? Ask Rosie O’Donnell. Ask Jeb Bush. It won’t be pretty. And I’m giving even money he can bring her to tears during a debate.

To the question of reuniting the party, sure, there are going to be some that stay home on both sides, but in the end, having put up with eight years of Bobo Obama, I’m pretty confident that the GOP will rally around Trump, seeing Hillary as another four years of failure. Hillary on the other hand has a much broader and tougher task. She has to ignite the fire that Bernie Sanders ignited with college kids. She doesn’t relate to them like he does, and they don’t like or trust her. It’s going to be a real slog for her to come up with the youth vote this time around.

In the end, it comes down to electoral math. I think Trump is probably right when he says he can change the map. He can actually take New York, and Pennsylvania, and Florida, and with some luck Ohio and Wisconsin. Those states right there, while holding what Romney took in 2012 give him the win. It’s not like you’re asking him to send her to Mars…just Chappaqua.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!