Huma On The Hot Seat

While the FBI continues their investigation into Hillary Clinton’s illegal and unethical use of her private home-brew email server to evade governmental scrutiny, her aide, Huma Abedin apparently has just about had enough with her boss. Huma had to be deposed by Judicial Watch in their lawsuit against Hillary and the State Department for failure to turn over the documents that had been properly requested through a FOIA request (Freedom of Information Act request).

There were about 250 additional emails that Huma had to bare to the world, some of which were complaining that Hillary was always “exhausted” when she had to go on her trips, and Huma was getting tired of hearing about it all the time. Illegal? Nope, not that. But there was enough damning evidence that came out that suggests that Hillary committed perjury back in 2009, when she left office and swore under penalty of such, that she had turned over all relevant documents to the State Department and that she kept nothing of a business nature. Of course, we all know now, that was a steaming pile of dog poop. And I don’t think it even surprises the most staunch liberal that Hillary Clinton has lied her way through this investigation. The funny thing here is that most staunch liberals don’t seem to care that she lied. Obviously, character doesn’t matter at all to them, only when Donald Trump is involved!

The evidence becomes more damning when it was revealed that a Romanian hacker in jail in this country swears that HE was able to break into Hillary’s private email system and said it was very easy to do. The mere fact he went in and rooted around a private server is bad enough, but what’s really the bad news for Hillary is that the hack known as “Guccifer” said he found evidence there had been up to ten different OTHER hackers from around the world looking in her system. Of course, Hillary immediately came out and denied anybody could have gotten into her system…it was entirely secure. And we believe her, right?

The very disturbing thing here is the mixed messages we seem to be hearing from Washington. On one hand, we are hearing about how the FBI is almost ready to wrap up its investigation and that its found multiple reasons to indict. On the other, we are hearing the DOJ is doing “research” on how to not indict its presidential candidate just months before an election. It comes down to one thing. IF Hillary receives not an indictment, but a referral from the FBI, my hunch is that will be enough to scare off some Democrats, most Independents, and all Republicans from voting for her. Donald Trump becomes a lot more presidential at that point.

Either way, this much I can unequivocally say: Regardless who you are leaning toward as far as president next year, you’re probably going to have to vote with one hand, and hold your nose with the other. This is definitely one of those elections that we are electing the lesser of two evils.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


5 thoughts on “Huma On The Hot Seat

  1. First of all, Hillary says her E-mail wasn’t hacked. LOL! Really? She would even know? She is dumber than snot when it comes to electronics, computers and the internet. I doubt she is smart enough to know if she was hacked or not. I am betting she was…….odds are better than picking The Derby winner!

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    Not that easy, and not that airy. Should, Hillary, be charged under the Espionage Act, she could face ten years if convicted, as it is not High Treason, which remains a Hanging offense. Huma, if she, well, told somewhat less than the truth, or “forgot” key elements, ordinarily could face one year if convicted but.., if Hillary gets charged under the Espionage Act, Huma, instead of thinking of one year, will be thinking of five years, without parole. Same goes for all of Hillary’s staff members and “server buddies”. Best thing would be to throw Hillary under the bus, before she does it to them!

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