A Couple Of Questions…

So I understand that ever since March 10, 2015, Hillary Clinton has sworn to the American public that she has never, ever sent or received anything that was classified from her personal home-brew server, which she has admitted was wrong, stupid, and ill-advised (though she still contends wasn’t illegal). She then back-tracked on that comment to say that she never, ever sent or received anything that was classified AT THE TIME it was sent or received. Now, that isn’t exactly truthful. As we have all learned from this escapade, classified material is considered classified the minute it is created. It doesn’t change status later on. This is a little like saying the FBI isn’t carrying out a “criminal investigation” (the only kind they do)…but rather a “security review”. All of which are lies.

So, Hillary has been asked a bunch of questions lately, especially with Huma Abedin being grilled by the FBI this week. I have some questions for Hillary. No, silly rabbit, I don’t expect her to answer truthfully. Hell, I don’t expect her to answer at all. I expect the American people to read this and respond accordingly.

First question: You say that the FBI hasn’t reached out to you about questioning you yet and they haven’t gotten in touch with your “representatives”. Yet, Huma Abedin, whom you have called a trusted representative in the past, has been interviewed by the FBI. Isn’t that another blatant lie, or is that another example of Clintonspeak?

Second question: You say that you’re positive that “Guccifer” and others have never, not even once hacked into your server and looked at information. Yet, in an interview from his jail cell, “Guccifer” said he noticed that on at least ten separate occasions from around the world, someone had broken into the system and looked at the information he had looked at. You seem to have problems working your email from a computer and a cell phone, so how can you be sure that no hacker has wormed their way into your “secure” system, knowing so little about computers and security?

Third question: Your lead attorney in this mess, David Kendall has apparently been in “constant contact with the Justice Department” throughout all of these proceedings. That was said on CNN by your campaign spokesman Brian Fallon. So, if you have nothing to worry about…if this is “just a security review”…why is a highly paid attorney in “constant contact” with the DOJ over this mess? Why are you worried about it at all? It would seem to me that you wouldn’t even NEED an attorney if you are just going through a “security review”.

Fourth question: I’ve asked this question from day one, and I continue to ask it. If it can be proven that you have lied to the American people about this scandal, just once, since you’ve said from the beginning you have nothing to hide and you’re honest (which 72% of the people according to a CNN poll don’t agree with), will you quit your campaign for president if it’s proven that you’ve lied?

I don’t expect any answers. I already know the answers and so do you. When it comes to being sleazy, we have two candidates this year that fit that bill. When it comes to being a pathological liar, we have one, and it’s Hillary.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!