The Two Faces Of Obama

We got a very rare glimpse into the two faces of Obama on Friday. On one hand, we got the partisan, slap-down-the Republicans-anyway-you-can Obama, as he addressed reporters, and mentioned that this “isn’t a reality TV show…it’s the White House”. Nice of him to remind us. Had it been a reality TV show, he would have been voted off (or fired?) eons ago! Of course, that was a dig at Donald Trump. And actually, I have to give kudos to anybody that succeeds not only in their chosen profession, but also in a secondary profession. Obama hasn’t succeeded in either.

Meanwhile, National Security Geek, Ben Rhodes was out trying to impress the world in something that had even Democrats scratching their head. He told the world that during the Iran Nuclear Deal, he was basically able to spin the story however he wanted to because the “average age of people covering that story in the White House is 27, and frankly, they don’t know anything”. He’s right of course, the average Washington DC reporter is usually in their first or second job out of college and isn’t that well versed in international diplomacy or policy. And when someone with an “assistant director” title after their name tells you something, at that age, you’re inclination is to believe it.

And both stories are absolutely true in the fact that they actually happened…and absolutely false in that they’re both shining examples of an administration that is full of itself and thinking way beyond its own ability to accomplish anything of substance. Well, that should read, anything of substance that actually is good for the country.

The Obama comment was meant to take a dig at Trump. I say, go ahead…better men than Obama have taken bigger digs at Trump than he can. Or than Hillary can. Or Lizzy Warren can. The problem is, nothing has been able to stick to the guy so far, and if you can make through a year of the type of primaries Trump has just come through and still be standing, yeah…you’re made of Teflon!

Ben Rhodes comment was meant to be a victory lap for himself, which is really strange, and really stupid. Normally those comments are reserved for at the very end of the presidency, after the election, and your party lost…or after you’ve left government and are writing your tell-all book. It’s not something you say leading up to a political convention with the general election looming. Especially one where the person in your party likely to be the nominee is trying to run as a third term for your boss, and you just told the world you pulled a fast one over its eyes. Not a smart thing, Ben. How’d you get such a lofty position, anyway? It must have been your dad donated a lot of money, right? That’s how those things usually work out!

Overall, a poor day in the White House. This is what you can expect when you elect people that have no class, have no idea of what they’re doing, and have no concept of “presidential”. I’m afraid we have two more people just like that waiting in the wings. But for people with eight years’ experience to do it shows their complete and utter ignorance for the job!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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