Something a Little Different

We’re going to put politics aside for a little bit. Today is more important than politics. Today is Mother’s Day. And frankly, I have to say this. I have the best mother the world has ever created. I know that’s going to get some arguments from a lot of you, and it should. But hear me out.

She divorced my dad in 1964. Back then, that was something that just didn’t happen. She did it for a very good reason which is unimportant here. But she did it…knowing full well that the mere act of being divorced would pretty much ostracize our family. She did it anyway, because she knew it was best for my two brothers and me. She did it despite the fact she was a school teacher, and didn’t make much money. She knew that being divorced, living on one income (which wasn’t all that rare back then…but usually the man was the one working), would stretch us to the limit. It did, but she never let on that we were that poor. In fact, it drove her to succeed in ways that were unimaginable.

My mother still today has the drive, the determination, and the fortitude I only wish I could have. Yes, she was driven by the fear of failure. She was driven by the fear that someone would come and take the roof off of our house and leave us homeless, or take the clothes off our backs and leave us naked. She pushed herself to get a master’s degree. Then she pushed herself to get her PhD. She became an assistant principal at our local high school. Of course, this happened to correspond to the time I happened to be attending said school, which wasn’t necessarily easy. But we made it through in fine fashion. She ended up being a vice president of not one, but two colleges. She was professionally a huge success in her career.

But for all the successes she had in her career, she had even more as a mother. She raised three sons on her own. She taught us the meaning of the word responsibility. She taught us the meaning of drive and self-determination. We knew when we left the nest that we could achieve anything we wanted to. And we did. One brother became the youngest paramedic in a six state region. He went on to become a police officer, training others to be paramedics. One brother became a master electrician. He became an electrical inspector for his county, and extremely well respected. One became a talk-show host, a play-by-play announcer, and an advertising executive. Beyond that, they all became excellent fathers, who knew how to treat and train their kids to be productive members of society, thanks to the training they received by a mother that worked sometimes 20 hours a day paid off.

So it’s on this Mother’s Day that I pause. I say thank you to the one woman in my life that taught me more than any other person on this earth. I pause to honor the person that gave me life, that taught me about life, and that still today cherishes life. To her I say, Happy Mother’s Day! I’m so very proud to be able to be called your son!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


3 thoughts on “Something a Little Different

  1. What a wonderful son you have always been! I love you so – it was all worth it! Thank you so much – this was a beautiful gift and I appreciate all you said. You ARE a great father =- and a great loving husband and if I had any part of teaching you those things I’m so proud! Love, Mother

  2. You are as usual Rich, succinct and spot on. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Mom is and always has been my hero. Don’t feel bad big brother. You have always been my hero too.


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