Can The Media Defeat Trump?

Ever since Donald Trump won the Indiana primary in a rout, the media has been ganging up on him. They’ve called him every name in the book. They’ve impugned his character. They’ve screamed at him. They’ve covered every negative aspect of this that they could. And it doesn’t matter what their political bent is. Right wingers hate him. Left wingers hate him. I have but one question:

How in hell did this guy ever get to become the nominee?

The media is in “chummed water” mode over Trump actually winning the GOP nomination. They can’t believe it he could do it. They SAID it couldn’t be done. And now of course, you’ve got people like Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush, Paul Ryan, and George W. Bush…all “establishment” politicians… that say they can’t back Trump in the general election. Since he said he “wasn’t ready to back Trump”, Ryan has back-pedaled a bit, and now the two will meet next week to iron out some differences. So why all the backlash?

It’s for one simple reason…and it’d be the same reason if Bernie Sanders would end up getting nomination on the Democrats’ side. The established politicians don’t have a say in this anymore. It’s out of their hands. Oh, they had a hand in all of the primaries since the 70’s when primaries took over from the smoke-filled-back-rooms that used to nominate a candidate. The power brokers are powerless, and they don’t like losing power. And they don’t like losing it so publicly. When the establishment ends up getting gored, there is hell to pay. They all have the connections with the donors, the media, the people that they feel make up the decision-making capacities of their party. And when they lose that, they’re going to be fighting till the end to make sure that person loses. In this case it’s Trump. If Sanders by some miracle were to hang on and get the nomination away from Hillary, he’d be just as bastardized as Trump is now.

It’s time for these politicians, these guys and gals who actually came up with the primary idea to realize that the power for electing a president does NOT rest with them. It rests with We The People. It always should have rested with us, but until this year, it didn’t. Oh, they accepted weak candidates like Bob Dole, and John McCain, and Mitt Romney because they were able to choose them. They still had their power base. And none of the losers ever threw mud at them like Trump did. Especially throwing mud at the power elite and coming out the winner! How blasphemous can you get!!!

I credit Donald Trump with his victory. I hope he makes it to the White House, because even though he wasn’t my favorite candidate, he is better than the opposition. That’s what these GOP idiots and power-brokers need to realize. Another four years of Obama-style politics will ruin this country. And even though Trump is more moderate than I like, he’s better than the alternative. When will the party wake up and realize that? And when will the party realize that the man actually WON the nomination?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


4 thoughts on “Can The Media Defeat Trump?

  1. The only way Trump will ever get into the White House is if his Congressman or Senator gives him a ticket for the tour.

    I was recently asked my opinion on Donald Trump. Now I could have blurted out that he is an idiot (which he is), but I wanted a more comprehensive answer. Consequently, I said that if you took all the dark side of American populism going back to the 1640’s (yes, the 1640’s, look it up) and put it in a pile, you would have a giant shit sandwich. Donald Trump is that shit sandwich. Everything he says is not new, just recycled from previous times with a couple of new twists like everything is negotiable, no it’s not or defaulting on our debt, seriously bad idea.

    Can he win, possibly, but not likely because there are not enough pissed off white voters to counter the changing demographics of the country. Also, he cannot bluster his way into the White House. Someday he will have to talk specifics on issues and how he plans to accomplish those specifics or as a long time friend of mine once told me about tests in law school, they want nothing but meat in the answers, no fat, no bone, all meat. Trump will someday have to provide the meat and that will be his downfall.

    • Well, first off, I don’t think there is EVER anything new in politics. It’s all old rehash from a different era. Even today’s “progressives” like Hillary Clinton are a throwback to Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson. Second, yes…Trump CAN win. Read tomorrow’s edition. And while I agree, he needs to get specific on issues at some point, it’s gotten him to where he is. And don’t forget… not giving specifics almost (thank you, Ohio!) got John Kerry elected…he of the “I have to get elected to get in there and see what I’m facing before I get specific” line.

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