My Turn To Ask The Questions!

You know, I got to thinking that over the course of a month, I get asked a lot of questions regarding this blog. Oh, I don’t mind. In fact I always enjoy repartee. I don’t ever mind getting into arguments or discussions with people. Hell, it’s what I did most of my life. And I’m damn good at it. But I get asked a lot of the same questions from the left over and over again. It’s my turn today. Starting today, until you liberals who read this answer the following questions and do so in a polite and respectful manner, I’m not going to answer any more of yours. Why? Because it’s my blog…and I can do with it what I want!

1. Why are you so mean spirited? You claim the right is mean spirited, but you can’t get into a discussion for more than 30 seconds without screaming, calling names or swearing. Why is that?
2. What is more important to you in a political candidate, character or the ability to win an election? I’ve seen the exit polls from the primaries. I know what you tell reporters. I want YOUR response.
3. When a candidate lies to you, does it matter? I’m not differentiating parties here. It shouldn’t matter what party they’re from. Do you care? Do you lose trust in your own party when someone lies?
4. At what point do you say that the person you thought you backed isn’t worth it because of their lack of personal integrity? Does that ever happen?
5. I’ve always believed that liberals are made up of only two types of people; the first are people that want to change the world and make everybody happy and the second are power hungry people that realize their only purpose is to lead and use the first group to achieve their ends. Which are you?
6. Are you getting more or less liberal as you age?

There you go. Six simple questions meant to be answered publicly. Oh, it’s a relatively easy homework assignment, I grant you that. But it’s also a very telling one. And don’t respond with questions of your own. That will earn you an “F” on the assignment. The assignment is to answer the questions. After all… it’s MY blog. I make the rules. And with that…

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


7 thoughts on “My Turn To Ask The Questions!

  1. Well Desert, this post is obviously intended for me because I appear to be the only liberal that reads AND responds. But before I respond to your questions, I did enjoy your post regarding your mother. I think you posted the same thing last year but I find that irrelevant as it is a story worth telling repeatedly. Quite a lady.
    So, here we go.

    1. I am not mean spirited, you just think I am. I find your argument regarding name calling just a touch specious as you talk about Bobo, Little Debbie, etc. Yet if I use Blow Dried Il Duce, Ricky Ricardo, Grandpa Munster, Eddie Munster, I’m the mean spirited name calling person? Why is that? As for screaming, how can I scream via typing other than using all caps, which you do not see me use very often and it is only to emphasize a point. Maybe you are referring to sentence structure which is obviously subjective. As for swearing, I have been rather nice lately and have only swore on rare occasions. You have know me for a couple of years and the question is have you actually known me to be mean spirited? I admit, based on my ID here that I am snarky and at times cynical but that is based on my experiences of 50+ years.

    2. Going with my inner snark, I see that this question as well as three and four are loaded questions in regard to Hillary (do not bother trying to deny it) cloaked as a general question of inquiry, in other words, a trap. In spite of that I will answer anyway. What I look for most, which is important is intelligence. We live in complex times and the ability to process vast amounts of information and speak intelligently requires a certain amount of smarts. Banking on that the entire group registered American voters is not a bunch idiots and believing that they will elect a person intelligent to perform the job. So this ties in peripherally with the ability to win elections. I do not choose on that basis. Character, you have it or you do not or as Winston the Wolf put it “Because you are a character does not mean you have character.”

    3. Lying, this is subjective because all politicians lie, I have known this for over fifty years, but the question is what kind of lie is it? Campaigning saying I’ll cut taxes or I’ll raise the GDP growth rate to 6% we know to be not necessarily true but understand it for the campaign rhetoric that it is, but starting a war with a country that was not threat by essentially lying about everything or saying that American boys will not being fighting a war that Asian boys should be fighting, really big trust issues with that.

    4. Not sure how to answer this one as to how one would define personal integrity and what the situation is that reveals it. The only situation that I can think of would be LBJ in 1968 (before he dropped out) because of the aforementioned statement. Viet Nam was a giant mistake as is Iraq, both “unwinnable” for different reasons. Since I did not back Bush 42 that does not count so I would the only time was LBJ.

    5. While the answer to this one is that I fall into both camps albeit from a different perspective, While wanting to “change the world” I have evolved into changing from a big world view to a smaller world view. I started that over 43 years ago while in VISTA assigned to Legal Aid. I not only handled the day to day legal problems that came into the office, but did community organizing (yes you read that correctly) regarding building code violations, changes in public policy which required a person to lead, which was me. True, I had attorneys to the heavy lifting but I was on the front lines. During my corporate career I advocated for accounts that management did not deem worthy but worked with them to make them top accounts. You could say I was a job creator as many of these were contractor accounts who built roads, bridges, schools and other public and private work as they required to post a guarantee that the company I worked for provided. Finally, after sorting out some medical issues I served on the Board on which you now serve and while we worked together for a year (I wish it would have been longer just to antagonize you, snicker), I know you realize that I was always working for what I thought was the good of the community even though sometimes what was good was in conflict with my personal beliefs or with other Board members.
    I also understand that his is an underlying Saul Alinsky question, but then I have actually read Saul Alinsky as opposed to many, not to mention Shawn Hannity, that know nothing about him but blather on acting like they know what they are talking about.

    So, there you have it. Yes, I violate the rules by asking two simple questions but I thought they were germane to the answer. So I get an F, it’s not like it is the first time it happened and I always got in an argument with the teacher regarding it.

    In the future I have some questions for conservatives I would like you answer.

    Bedankt and tot ziens.

  2. Do not know anything about accounting exams as I never took business course in college. All my accounting knowledge came from training during my career.

    • You mean you can actually learn something AWAY from all those liberal professors on college campi? I’m blown away by that! Next thing you know, they are going to want to demand you retract that statement… you’re screwing around with their self-worth!

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