Does Trump NEED To Unite GOP?

It’s been the most talked about topic on TV for the past week. Can Donald Trump actually re-unite a fractured Republican party in time for the election this November? There is a much more important question that I think the pundits are all missing.

Does Donald Trump NEED to re-unite a fractured Republican party?

My hunch here is no. I don’t think he does. He’s re-branding the party and to the conservatives out there, they don’t like it because it’s moving the party more toward the middle. Folks, as a conservative, I gotta tell you…that’s where the votes are. We’ve seen what happens when moderates like John McCain and Mitt Romney try and take the party to the right. They don’t come across as exciting, they don’t come across as credible, and they don’t come across as winners. And they’re not. They’re losers. They’re trying to be something they are not. Donald Trump isn’t going to do that. Yeah, I’ve heard him SAY he’s conservative, and that’s a sliding scale. And yeah, he’s pissing off the right wing of the party, just like Hillary Clinton is pissing off the right wing of her party by running to the left of Bernie Sanders on a lot of issues.

But the facts are the facts. Donald Trump has garnered more votes than any other Republican candidate for the nomination in history. And he did so with up to 16 rivals. There are a couple of reasons for that. First, he’s attracting a large group of people that have never voted before. IF (and admittedly, that’s a big IF) he can get those people to the polls on election day, it throws everything that we know about politics and the process right out the window. It changes the electoral map. It makes everything different. Second, if he pulls out 20-30% of Democrats as a lot of the pundits on TV are talking about, he can afford to lose 20-30% of the GOP who say that they aren’t going to vote for him. Hell, Hillary has 30% of Bernie’s supporters who say they aren’t going to vote for her. So they’re either going to stay home or vote for Trump, or some third party candidate. None of which helps Hillary a damn bit. You don’t hear the pundits saying word one about that.

The people you’re hearing about now on TV and in the talking head shows are the “establishment” Republicans that are pissed that Ted Cruz or someone that already IS a politician didn’t win the nomination. That alone should tell you something. There were enough votes in enough states out there to do what the party bosses didn’t want to have happen. It went against their wishes. Enough people in this country were pissed off enough about the way the Republican party were treating them, that they went out and did something all of the established politicians didn’t want them to do. I think that is the definition of “revolution” is it not? And that is what has happened to the Republican party. It’s been taken over by someone other than the party leaders that have run it for the past 75 years. And that hurts their feelings. Now they just need to get used to their new role as being one of millions instead of one of the elite. It’s a tough thing to get used to!

Let’s add one more thing to this discussion. The black singer Azealila Banks, who has called Trump “an asshole” is endorsing him saying that Hillary Clinton talks to blacks like “we’re children or pets”. Not a ringing endorsement of the Dems’ pick to be. Also, Trump picked up the endorsement of Jon Voight, no big surprise since the father of actress Angelia Jolie, has been a Republican for decades.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


5 thoughts on “Does Trump NEED To Unite GOP?

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  2. Well Desert, there is an interesting dynamic currently going on in the Republican party. I think it is safe to say that Drumpf has for the most part pissed off the Republican Establishment with his “campaign.” So the current question is does Il Duce need them more or does the Establishment need him more? Well, the early returns, no pun intended, show that Il Duce needs them more. Why is that? Glad you asked, while I know you have been busy lately, it appears that He of the Cult of Personality, has no real fund raising apparatus. Holy Crap! His “self funded campaign” that actually had two donate buttons on his campaign’s home page apparently does not extend beyond that. He also has nobody that knows what to do to raise at least a billion dollars for the general election. Apparently his little fingers and other relevant body parts are in a vise.

    Now I could invoke that since he is a billionaire, according to him, he should be able to raise this money personally, but he cannot. This is because his alleged fortune is on paper held in a ton partnerships, LLCs, Sub S and so on. Since he has not released his tax return because is being “audited,” his paper fortune is hidden and I really do not believe he will ever release as he maintains “I’m a billionaire, believe it, trust me.” Right.

    So where is Captain Freedom going to get the money, one can only sell so many of those stupid hats. So far only Sheldon Adelson has signed on but the amount has not been disclosed. Any other big donors are running away from him at speeds not seen since Usain Bolt’s last race. His last best chance is to kiss Paul Ryan’s ring but that is not his style. No kunbya moment here.

    So , what does he do? Hell if I know but stay tuned as Bette Davis once said, “It’s going to be a hell of a ride.”

    I see that the SC Republican Club has a meeting next Monday. Guest speakers are two Hispanics from the Chips ‘N Salsa Show on the radio which they promise to “entertain, educate and answer questions.” Also appearing is Dr. Kelli Ward, cannon fodder in the U.S. Senate Republican primary against Grandpa McCracky discussing his priorities of “securing the border, balance the budget, shrink government and the ever present piece of red meat, repeal Obamacare.” Open to all RCSC cardholders, want come along and see me twist their nuts, metaphorically? Maybe we can find out if they support screwing schoolchildren and First Responders regarding the ballot props the next day. What a country!

    • Not ever too busy to stay informed, Snark! As for who needs whom more, my guess is both need each other, while the establishment may need Trump a little more. Actually, the RNC has said that 2/3 of their fundraisers for president are on board with Trump. And yes, he planned all along to fund raise for the general election. He’s just not going to take the matching “taxpayer” funded dollars that Hillary, with all her hundreds of millions, will be taking on the backs of the oppressed and poor. Oh…and just an aside…I’m all for both ballot propositions! Time to make sure we pay teachers what they are worth and of course, reward those that are risking their lives when you fall down playing golf!

  3. Well Desert, this is on the propositions and I want to clarify that I am all for teachers, having taught myself before the VISTA days and for the First Responders. What I do not like is the Legislature using these people to get out of what they are rightfully owed. These props are the result of lawsuits where both the teachers and First Responders won. So let’s look at each of them separately.

    Prop 123 is the result of the shameless Legislature not following the State Constitution regarding school funding and short changing them I believe in the neighborhood of $1.3 billion. The State lost at the trial and appellate level and they want to settle for $.25 on the dollar, because the court said the schools are owed the entire amount NOW. Being the cynical individual I am, this POS Constitutional amendment is a cornerstone of Governor Dopey’s re-election campaign about how he didn’t raise taxes. Where do his kids go to school? Are they Home Schooled like our dirtbag State Senator, carpetbagging, ALEC whore Debbie Lesko? Even if this passes the average teacher salary goes up about $800. Wow, that makes me want to go out and secure an Arizona certificate. It will also raise Arizona from 47 to 46 in nation on school funding. These people are shameless.

    Prop 124, another Arizona Constitutional amendment that the legislature wants to change because the First Responders sued and won at trial and appellate level over their underfunded pension plan which had COLAs with no ceiling. Since the plans were unfunded and the plan administrators probably made some crappy investment decisions, somebody has to suck the pipe and it is First Responders. Nothing like portraying the First Responders by implication as greedy.You see the inflation rate is what scares them, so in all their brilliance, they want to constitutionally cap it at a MAXIMUM of 2%. So, for the mathematically challenged out there, if the inflation rate is 3%, they only receive 2% max, consequently the pension is worth 1% less. Now think of what happens if the inflation rate is 4-5% which some economists want, this retiring with dignity happy talk is BS with a nasty cumulative effect. I know, the legislature can always amend in the future, but I seen this Republican legislature in action, fat chance, suck it up First Responders.

    Also, if you read the propaganda that came in the mail, this only affects the Public Pension system for First Responders, apparently, our elected representatives who are basically the Governor, Secretary of State, legislature, etc., theirs is not affected. Funny how that works out. BTW, this is a Debbie Lesko thing as she is Chair of Ways and Means in the Senate. These people are really shameless. So when you fall off your golf cart and break your leg, the inflation rate is 5%, tell the First Responders that you voted to cap their COLA at 2%. I’ll bet they give you a big wet kiss.

    One final note, the legislature is also trying to eliminate citizen initiative, I guess because they think we are either too stupid or too smart when we catch them. The funding for schools was the result of citizen initiative. Why do Republicans hate the people they represent?

    This is why I am against these props, pay up assholes, like the State Constitution says you should. You put us in this situation with your shortsightedness. Evidently this “renegotiation of debt” is fine, but Puerto Rico or other public debt, think Detriot, is not. Hypocrites.

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