Hillary’s “Women’s Card”

Hillary Clinton has already said to “deal me in” when it comes to playing the woman’s card in this year’s presidential race. And Donald Trump has already obliged…telling the Democrat front-runner for the nomination that he therefore believes if she is going to be making gender an issue, she needs to be prepared.

And he’s already taken his first swing.

Trump said that Hillary is married to the worst philandering politician in US history, a charge that isn’t going to be able to be disputed by many. And while that will come amid and escalate her charges that HE is a philanderer, and adulterer, and a playboy, all that is going to do is dredge up Monicagate. Is that something Hillary REALLY wants to do? After all, everybody has called her the “enabler” in that escapade. If she really was pissed at her husband for having affairs, why is she still with him? Hell, I know what would happen if I did one tenth of one percent of what Bill Clinton did. My wife would leave me in less than a heartbeat. And she’d be right. Fidelity is everything in a marriage. Well, in most marriages. Apparently in the Clinton marriage, it’s one of convenience, borne out of political necessity. She can’t get elected to anything on her own without her hubby’s political savvy. So she’s willing to put up with his dalliances.

And so, Trump is going to play that card long and hard. If Hillary wants to go there, that’s fine, Trump has enough ammunition to make this a real war. And he’s got the people on the sideline like the whole Bimbo Eruption crew to back him up. Juanita Broderick is already heating it up, and others have said they’d follow. In fact, Hillary will be facing them personally at her campaign events. No, it’s going to be a nasty ass summer!

Hillary would probably be wise to leave the women’s issues on the back burner in this election. She’d be smart to realize that every time she brings up equal pay for equal work, or abortion rights, or gender equality, she’s opening the door to an attack on the fact that she’s really lacking in all of those areas…except maybe the abortion thing. But besides that, she needs to understand she’s playing with an atomic weapon in Donald Trump. He doesn’t care what he says, and he doesn’t care how it comes out. And so far, it hasn’t hurt him a bit. If she starts playing his game, which I think is his battle plan all along, she’s going to come out as the shrieking, screaming, bitching woman that she is, throwing lamps at Secret Service agents, and telling her crowd to “F*** off!”. Not too presidential actually.

It’s called goading your opponent into action. It’s very effective, especially in campaigning, and Hillary is very bad at avoiding it. She likes to appear calm and “presidential” while sitting for interviews on camera, but we all know better. She’s got a temper worse than Genghis Khan. The real question is, can she hold in the temper for another six months?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


4 thoughts on “Hillary’s “Women’s Card”

  1. I’d like to see 4 or 5 of the most known by the public of the women Bill sexually abused and together they stand in the front roll of one of Hillary’s campaign rally’s and speeches. Or, this would be even better, at one of Trumps’ rally’s, he ask all the women that have been sexually abused by Slick Willie, and covered up by Hillary……”Please raise your hand” and half the women in the crowd throw their arms up. Sure I’d plant them, but what a great effect! First of all, the question alone from Trump would hit O’reilly, Kelly and Hannity immediately! They’d eat that up! It doesn’t have to be true, the message……its all about the message. Besides if you took all the women Bill has abused, he couple probably fill half the room.

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