Shear Hypocrisy!

You have to hand it to Bobo Obama. He certainly doesn’t hide his hypocrisy well. The president is scheduled to visit Vietnam and Japan on a seven day Asian trip in 10 days (his 10th Asian trip), and while he’s there, he will be the first sitting US president to visit Hiroshima, along with Japanese Prime Minister Abe.

Now, if you are to believe the White House, they are convinced that Obama’s visit signals his “deep commitment” to protecting the world from nuclear arms. Of course, this is the same guy that just last year all but guaranteed that Iran would actually GET nuclear arms by backing a deal with the Iranians, and having his National Security lap dog, Ben Rhodes lie to the American people about it during the whole process. I’m sure you remember the line, “We aren’t going accept a bad deal. We’ll walk away from a bad deal”? Well, they signed a bad deal and no one can argue they didn’t. A good deal was that Iran would walk away from their nuclear program. That’s not happened. In fact, Iran has three times in the past few weeks tested ballistic missiles, something that the vaunted (but powerless) United Nations says they can’t do.

Of course, they haven’t put nuclear warheads on those ballistic missiles just yet…but they do have a 1,300 mile range, which is long enough to get them to Israel to decimate the Israelis, which has been the sworn goal of the Ayatollahs for years. And our president goes to Japan to show his commitment to a nuclear-free world. My question is, does anybody buy this sack of garbage?

I don’t think there’s an intelligent person in this world that could begin to take up the argument that these two instances are congruent with each other. How on one hand do you turn your back on allowing one country, a sworn enemy of the United States, into achieving a nuclear weapons program (even though it won’t happen in his term as president…which is all Obama cares about), while visiting Hiroshima and proclaiming that he’s interested in promoting a nuclear-free world? That’s about as hypocritical as it gets.

And it just underscores that this president doesn’t understand foreign policy, much less care about the outcomes. Anyone that has ever spent much time reading these posts understands one thing about me. I’m a person that believes in being consistent. If you’re against something today, you need to be against it tomorrow, and you need to stand up to your convictions. You can’t back something with the right hand and try to take it away with the left, and that is exactly what this administration and this president are doing when it comes to nuclear weapons. To try and cloak it in a veil of “world peace” doesn’t make you a peaceful president any more than some teenager wishing for world peace makes her a Miss America finalist.

And you don’t need to lie to the American people about the deal you signed with our number one enemy in order to give them nuclear weapons; not when the rest of the world figured out that was your goal all along!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


4 thoughts on “Shear Hypocrisy!

  1. “You have to hand it to Bobo Obama. He certainly doesn’t hide his hypocrisy well. ”

    He didn’t even try to hide it right after he first got in office. Check out this little 20 second video from Dr. Phil Button’s site showing Obama being interviewed on national television shortly after he signed and implemented one of the largest percentage tax increases in the entire history of the world… the 2,400% U.S. tax increase on Roll Your Own tobacco in 2009:

    Amazing, eh?



  2. Well Desert, you do know how to parse semantics, I’ll give that and who is Dr. Phil Button? Why do we care?

    I still see you amnesia on that deal Iran offered Bush and Darth Vader. Didn’t read the book I suggested either.

    So far the Iranians have held to the nuclear deal. Missiles, like Israel doesn’t have any or nukes. Besides, missiles were not part of the deal. Besides this is supposed to stop nuclear proliferation as opposed to Drumpf who wants everybody to have one.

    The visit to Hiroshima is symbolic and I guess if Reagan does symbolism it’s presidential. If Obama does it, it’s hypocrisy. Why did Reagan never have pictures of him taken with the Stinger missiles we sold to Al Quaeda or the Iranians in the 80’s? Just asking.

    So I would cool your jets on this one.

    What’s with this fake outrage on a 2.4% tax on loose tobacco? This is the best McFadden can come up with and what does it prove? I admit I don’t get it unless you get a nuclear warhead with a pouch Peter Stuyvesant.

    • First of all, I read the book. Can’t believe you didn’t see the flaws in it. MAJOR problems in facts with the book. Second, nobody is discounting the fact Israel has nukes. But they’ve had nukes for decades. How many times have they used them at all and secondly defensively? Answer: NONE! That tells me that they are a responsible member of the nuclear community, unless of course you want to admit to being an anti-Semite. (how gouche is that?)

      The visit to Hiroshima IS symobolic ONLY if it doesn’t include the traditional Obama bowing and apologizing for past indescretions made by a DEMOCRAT president. Deal with that one. Huh? Loose tobacco? Who wrote about that? I think you need to re-read my blogs. I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned (nor do I care) about it.

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