The North Carolina Conundrum

I feel for the people of North Carolina. In an effort to protect over 99% of the people in their state from the possibility of would-be predators, the legislature passed, and the governor signed into law “The Bathroom Bill”, which basically states that you have to use the bathroom of the gender that has been recorded on your birth certificate. So what is wrong about that?

Well, according to Loretta Lynch, the US Attorney General, you can’t do that because you’re offending and discriminating against those people that are so confused in society that they aren’t sure if they are a man or a woman. What Lynch fails to realize is, it would allow people that are, shall we politely say, less than forthright when it comes to their sexual desires, to go into the other genders’ bathroom under the guise of that being what they “think” they are, and hang out there. Now, my kids are all grown and have flown the nest, but I have grandkids, and I don’t think for a minute I would be comfortable sending them into a restroom somewhere if I felt a guy could walk into a woman’s restroom posing as a “woman”. Nope…not comfortable with that one at all.

And let’s be honest here, shall we. We have 318,860,000 million people in this country. According to the National Health Institute Survey, which apparently follows this sort of thing, there are 1.6% identify themselves as being gay…0.7% identify themselves as being bisexual, and 0.3% are transgendered. That figure was taken in 2014, and frankly, I don’t think it grows all that much. Back in 2011, The Williams Institute, who apparently also follows this type of thing said 1.7% were gay, 1.8% were bisexual, and 0.3% were transgendered. So to begin with, we aren’t talking about a LOT of folks here.

And so, the people of North Carolina have to invite sexual predators into their women’s bathrooms just on the say-so of the predators because they’re feeling female that day? Apparently so. And these are the same people that scream about doing “the greater good for society” and forcing all of us to have healthcare insurance, even though some people either don’t want it, can’t afford it, or don’t feel they need it. Apparently the wishes of the 99.7% of folks that aren’t transgendered don’t qualify for the “greater good” theory here. It just doesn’t make sense.

If the transgendered folks out there are offended, I say, get over it. We in this country have become “offensive-minded”. All you need to do to get special treatment is tell the world how offended and discriminated you are because you can’t do whatever it is you want to do. I don’t believe that’s the way the world works, and if you feel that way, I’d invite you to listen to the Eagles song, “Get Over It”. Stop your bitching and get on with life. You’re missing out on a lot. If you feel you’re a woman trapped inside a man’s body, you’ve got some issues you need to deal with. You don’t need to drag the REAL women in this world into your fantasy. And to Loretta Lynch, go ahead and try and stop the state of North Carolina. You’re out of a job in eight months anyway. Nothing will even come to trial before that happens.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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  1. Well Desert, I thought you were smarter than what you posted. I still think you are very intelligent but you are off base on this one.

    This bill is what I call another whiny Christian law passed by a bunch white men cannot deal with the changes in America coming at them. They sell fear and hatred of the unknown. Remember the dust up over Martin Luther King, Jr. Day? A holiday honoring, GASP!, a Black man. Our backward State was last to pass a law honoring Dr. King but nobody gets the day off. It took the statement that Arizona would never get the Super Bowl (and a shit load of money) unless the State honored Dr. King. Finally saner heads prevail, probably with dollar signs in their eyes, and passed the law. Obviously no one suffered any injury and the Super Bowl returned. It has also allowed for Arizona to have big time college bowl games that might have gone elsewhere.

    I doubt any of those legislators in North Carolina know anything about transgendered people or have actually known one. So they passed a law not knowing anything about the people it effects other than they are “different.” I am somewhat hopeful you have met at least one transgendered individual and actually know something about them.

    So, let’s examine this idiotic law and start with the Republicans fixation on papers please laws and bathrooms or what I call their own private singles bars. How will they enforce it? Some sort of law enforcement individual stationed at bathrooms to check birth certificates? I will admit a majority of the hysteria over trans genders is because of Bruce Jenner, but these people have been around for a long time.

    Next up is the sexual pervert thing as Ted Cruz and his uber Christian BS sees it. Sexual predators are straight people not the LBGT community. Look no further than my favorite people, the Catholic Church, who have been predators for centuries. Past popes have held conclaves over this fact. But enough of my love for the church. The profile of a sexual predator is that they are predominately straight and white males. So, Ted Cruz should protect his daughters from those people and not the LGBT community. This is a mean spirited law and I am pleased to see North Carolina reap the whirlwind of this. I found it interesting that the first companies to withdraw their business from North Carolina were tech companies and then dominos really began falling. You want to see the future, the millennials are leading the way and they are now the majority. The sad thing about this whole situation is that the North Carolina taxpayers are going to suck the pipe on this through outside legal fees (the North Carolina attorney general wants no part of this and yes he is running against the current governor for that position) and revenue from the government. It is a progressive State with a reactionary government, sort of like what Arizona wants to be when it grows up.

    Finally, I have known many transgendered people over the years. My first contact was when my European traveling buddy asked me to help him representing one when we worked at Legal Aid. The issue as to representation is irrelevant, what was important was letting her talk about herself and her sexual identity. We both met and talked with some of her friends and others I have met over years. As to sexual identity their stories are remarkably similar as is Bruce Jenner’s.

    P.S. What is the difference between this law and those “religious conscience” laws? Nothing, those are whiny Christian bills also and is also recycled Jim Crow thinking.

    • Snarky, what is so wrong with a man being a man and a woman being a woman? Have we digressed as a species to the point where 0.3% of the population is going to get to make the call for the rest of us? Of course not. You liberals are a bunch of folks that all have issues of sorts, and you don’t want to embarrass one group for fear that it would embarrass all of you. So you try to make the weirdos of your society feel normal. Fact is, they ARE freaks. Are you telling me that if I want to marry a dog, or a cow it’s ok? Are you telling me that man/boy love is ok? If not, why not? Is it any less freakish than what is described as “discriminatory” by the Attorney General? Just where do you folks draw the line? And no…Bruce Jenner, as Republican as he claims to be is a major freak.

  2. Well Desert, I see two things in your reply. the first is you have never met a transgender person so you have no idea what it is like to be transgendered which I find typical of conservatives. Someday I hope you have to walk a mile or two in their shoes and I definitely want to be there when it happens. You sure make a lousy Christian and when you think about the these laws and the treatment of the LGBT community, remember what Jesus said about this group, “What you unto them, you do unto me.” I know you are familiar with this.

    Next is that recycled Rush Limpballs bullshit are marrying animals. As you are aware, marriage is a contract and one of the five elements of a contract is the mental capacity to enter into a contract. Obviously this example sends right wingers into some sort of emotional orgasm. I heard this recycled crap almost 20 years ago as well as that man boy thing from a right winger in the office were I worked. This shows the lack of imagination by Republicans sort of like their economic policy or reality in general.

    Raymond VI
    Count of toulouse

    • OH! So now you are telling me who I have and haven’t met??? You think I don’t understand someone because I don’t know them? Snarky, my minor in college was abnormal psych. I think I know a little what I’m talking about! And I take it as extremely offensive that you would assume to know my past…because you don’t! And you know what happens when you assume, right? Well, you’re not making an ass out of me. I’m fully grounded where I come from and what my past is, so don’t think about trying that crap. As far as marriage being a contract, you are correct. In fact, it is a contract between a MAN AND A WOMAN. That is (or at least was until liberals got involved) the definition. You are 0-2 on this one….so much for your chance at playing for the Cubbies this year…at least until they fall from grace (again).

  3. Actually I never assumed that I knew anything about your past and just made saying I think. But, since you dodged the question about knowing or met a transgendered, the answer would be no, consequently you bank this transgendered stuff on “book larnin’.” And since you have a minor in abnormal psych, where did you do your clinic and what did you observe, a bunch of paranoid schiz’s? This does not make you an expert any more than I am an expert in insurance just because I was in the field for thirty years. At least I admit what I do not know.

    Speaking of whiny Christians, sorry but 5.200 year old religion or 2.000 year old religion, since Christian can seem to choose the one they want to follow is not relevant to public policy. Same sex marriage is the law of the land in spite of that dipshit clerk in Kentucky says. My advice you is to follow your own advice and Get Over It.

    Sorry my man. you are 0-2 on this one. Maybe you should look up delusional.

    • You have now reached so low it doesn’t even begin to qualify for a response. It almost qualifies as spam. If you want to continue talking out of your ass, I will have no choice but to trash this stuff. I don’t have a problem disagreeing with you. I have a problem with you making up stuff that you don’t have a clue about. And to answer your question, yes, I have SEVERAL friends AND relatives that are gay and transgendered. You may issue your public apology any time you wish!

  4. OK, if what you say is true, and I do not deny it as I do find you a truthful person, why did you not say that in the beginning when I posed the question. It appears you used it as a semantic trap. Since you took so long to admit it, no apology is required, channeling my inner Donald Drumpf.

    • Typical liberal…there is no time limit. There IS an apology required. You’re just too damn stubborn (as are most liberals) to make it. Nuff said…you’re not worth it!

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