You Don’t Think Dems Are Worried?

There are a few things that keep Hillary Clinton up at night, and judging by the bags under her eyes, she’s not having a lot of 8 hour respites these days. One of them is Bernie Sanders. He just kicked her ass all over the place in West Virginia, which wasn’t a surprise after she told the world she was going to put their miners out of work and close all of the coal mines. Not a smart political move, you’d have to agree (even if you meant to do it).

Then there’s Nebraska. Sanders took most of the delegates in Nebraska a while back during a caucus… but the Dems wanted to have a vote anyway, so they held a primary Tuesday, and while Hillary narrowly defeated Sanders, she got nothing for the effort. So, Sanders is once again closing the gap. Now, that will be impossible to do unless and until the FBI primary swings against Hillary. If that happens, the super delegates may peel away from her. You want to know why Sanders is hanging around? That’s why!

But beyond that, the Democrats are very worried. Oh, they won’t admit that to you because that would be like the Pope announcing there is no God. But they are. Why else would the mainstream media be so sullen and sorry to announce that the Republican party is in free-fall because a few establishment folks like Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney have decided they aren’t going to back Donald Trump’s run for the White House? OK…that’s two votes. That’s all that is. And I think Trump is bringing a few more people into the party than he’s losing. How else could he be even (within the margin of error) with Clinton nationally, and starting to creep up on her in ALL of the battleground states? The Republican party in demise? Not quite.

Democrats are worried about Hillary too. Oh, they’re not concerned that she’s not getting any sleep. They’re concerned that she’s not winning anything anymore. She’s losing state after state to Sanders, and he certainly has momentum. Now, the Clinton campaign will be quick to tell you that was exactly what happened to Obama in 2008, and they’re right. We’re a long way off from a November vote and there are a ton of things both positive and negative that can occur for each campaign between now and then. For Obama, he had a lot of positives, and just a few negatives. Hillary really hasn’t had a lot of positives since she did her book tour (which as you’ll remember was an abortion). Oh, just an aside. If you haven’t picked up the originally $30 book, you can get it now on Amazon for as little as $1.95! Big seller!

No, Hillary and the Democrats do have a lot to worry about. The mere fact they’re already burying the GOP is evidence of that. Because let’s face it, if the Democrats had nothing to worry about with Donald Trump this fall, they wouldn’t be talking about him. They’d be talking about who the next Secretary of State and the next Attorney General would be, and who they would be nominating to take Antonin Scalia’s place on the Supreme Court. Instead, they’re talking about the Republicans. Somebody’s friggin’ worried!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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