Comey Disagrees With Hillary

For about a year, Hillary Clinton has contended that the FBI criminal investigation into her private home-brew email server and the resulting scandal coming from her sending and receiving over 2,000 classified pieces of email, including dozens of “Top Secret” messages, was just a “security review”. Well, the FBI answered back the other day. And sorry, Hill…you’re not going to like the answer.

FBI Director, James Comey as asked during a “Pen and Pad” session, where the Director answers questions on the record, but no cameras or recording devices are allowed, just a reporter’s pad and pen to take notes, that no, he was indeed conducting a CRIMINAL investigation against Hillary Clinton and that it extended to her aides as well. In fact, he added, he had no idea what a “security review” or “security inquiry” was. And that if he didn’t know what they were, the FBI certainly wasn’t conducting them.

This is the latest lie Hillary Clinton told the world. Of course, it’s a lie she wanted desperately to believe. Because as we all know by now, what she says isn’t really what is (and you don’t have to understand what the meaning of “is” is to know that!). I really would have loved to have heard Hillary’s response to that when told of Comey’s answer. She can no longer be telling mainstream left-wing media groups that this is “just a security inquiry…and it happens all the time”. Now, she has to say, “I’m the focus of a criminal investigation by the FBI, and I could be sent to jail if Obama doesn’t save my ass by telling his Attorney General not to prosecute me.

Actually, what the FBI SHOULD do if they really wanted to play politics on this one (they don’t), is to wait until after the election before turning it over to the Justice Department. That way if Trump wins the election, he can indeed decide to prosecute Clinton on the charges to the fullest extent of the law. Now, that isn’t going to happen because that’s not James Comey. He will play this one right down the middle. The sad part is, he is expecting the Department of Justice to do the same. That’s going to be a tough swallow for them to indict someone that the department’s employees have donated $75,000 to her presidential campaign, don’t you think?

No, the FBI holds the key to this election. If they decide there haven’t been any laws broken, then they are going to be accused by the Republicans of playing politics and caving to pressure from Bobo and his crew. If they come out with a referral, which is likely based on what I hear, they are going to be viewed as right-wing fanatics. And Loretta Lynch would not indict just to offset the “obvious bias” in the FBI. In fact, I would be extremely surprised if Lynch did anything except say there wasn’t enough evidence to indict. I will go so far as to guarantee it, and if I’m wrong, I’ll become a Hillary supporter! That’s how confident I am of the whole charade.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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